EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Aimili Charalambous exclusively on SotiraNews

DSC01351 Aimili Charalambous, Nea Famagusta
DSC01351 Aimili Charalambous, Nea Famagusta

She is only 16 years old, but she managed to make the whole of Cyprus and Greece talk about the incomparable talent of a 16-year-old girl from the province of Famagusta who enchanted the judges of "The Voice" with her voice and with coach Melina Aslanidou, to put high the bar among the contestants of the Greek talent show.

Aimili, with a father from Sotira and a mother from Paralimni, makes the whole province of Famagusta proud, since she worthily represents Kokkinochoria in the ANT1 music show. And after she managed in her first appearance to unite the jury in Blind Auditions to return enchanted by her vocal talent, she got the ticket for the Live of "The Voice" overcoming the difficult phase of the battles.

Aimili, simple, restrained and shy as always, spoke exclusively to SotiraNews about the new big step in her life and about The Voice, with her father from Sotira, Giannis Charalambous.

How did you decide to participate in the ANT1 music show?

The application form was not completed by me but by a friend of mine who is studying in Greece and who saw the advertisement of The Voice and said about me. When he told me I was hesitant but it is something I always wanted to do, so I decided to participate because it is a challenge for me.

How did your parents react?

At first my parents were very hesitant due to my age, but then they decided not to stand in the way and today they support me a lot.

How difficult is it to participate in such a big show with so many requirements every week?

It is very difficult, as there is a lot of pressure and a lot of stress maybe because the other participants are professionals while I am only 16.

How many years have you been involved with singing?

I have been involved in singing since I was very young, participating in my father's band. At the age of 12 I started orthophony lessons.

How difficult is it to combine school and The Voice?

It is very difficult because I miss a lot of classes, but I try because I do not want to leave school behind and I want to get good grades.

What have you gained so far from The Voice?

I have won a lot from The Voice! Whether I move on to the next live or not, I have gained great experiences because it is a very difficult place to deal with. It helped me a lot to gain confidence that I never had and many doors opened.

Are you planning to become a professional singer?

I intend to deal with music and my goal is to study music.

A message you would like to convey through SotiraNews to the world of the Savior?

I would like to thank them all very much for supporting me, for being by my side and for the kind words they say to me. And I hope to make them proud and represent them as worthily as I can!

We support Aimili Charalambous and vote for her in tonight's first live of ANT1 which will be broadcast live every Friday after the news bulletin!