We put Louis Patsalidis to eat pumpkin - Interview with SotiraNews (video)

louispatsalides sotiranews, Kolokasi, Louis Patsalidis, Nea Famagusta
louispatsalides sotiranews, Kolokasi, Louis Patsalidis, Nea Famagusta

Exuberant, hilarious and talented, Louis Patsalidis is one of the few -if not least- stand up comedians of our generation who managed to turn their humor into a great TV career, and a successful career in stand-up comedy.

With a story reminiscent of ταιν movie script, he abandoned the confidence of the bank clerk to follow his dream and engage in comedy, in a place that in Cyprus is not only difficult but almost non-existent.

With a sarcasm reminiscent of David Letterman and John Oliver, with an honest source of humor reminiscent of Jimmy Fallon but also an ingenious satire reminiscent of Jimmy Kimmel, Louis Patsalidis is perhaps the only Cypriot comedian who succeeded after Dimitris Kallergis in defeating time but also in the "ruthless" numbers of the Cypriot television and the preferences of the Cypriot public.

We met him last Saturday night at "The Spot" Pre Club in Ayia Napa, where he presented the comedy show "Fat Crimes" and told us about the show "The Louis Night Show" on Alpha, the stand-up comedy, Astero's wife, his culinary skills but also… his cult in the local product of Sotira, Kolokasi.

Watch the video from the interview: