"Super Mario" "sank" the Dutch! (video)

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Germany prevailed over the Netherlands 2-1 and qualified

Mario Gomez was the man who "snatched" the "punchers" and this time, as with two of his own, great goals, he managed to send his team to the next phase of the tournament…

The Netherlands now hopes for a victory over Portugal and a defeat for Denmark, in the last match against Germany, if they want to qualify for the next phase of the tournament.

Germany showed up once again ready, played as much as they needed to, took advantage of the opportunities presented to them, and is not worried about the last game, where they will face Denmark.

The match:

The big European derby started with the best "omens" since the Dutch in the 7 ΄ had a beam from the place of Van Persie.

After this phase, the "punchers" were in complete control and made an amazing first half.

Initially, in the 24th minute, Schweinsteiger took a wonderful vertical ball to Gomez and the Bayern Munich striker missed an easy four-on-four for him.

Until the 38th minute when Gomez shot for the second time, the Germans could score at any time they wanted, such as with the head of Badstuber that Stekelenburg repelled before 2-0.

The 2-0 came from a great collaboration of Ezil and Schweinsteiger with the latter throwing a vertical ball again to Gomez who with a great shot "scored" his second personal goal and his third in the tournament.

So the two teams went to the locker room for half time.

In the second half, the "punchers" maintained strength but also had opportunities, as in Hummels' double shot.

The Netherlands entered the game with a nice move and a shot by Van Persie at 74 ΄ reducing it to 2-1.

From there, the Germans kept the ball, time passed and the shots of Snyder and Van Persie ended in a vacuum.

Germany is now celebrating the qualification as the first from the second group, however from there on the other three teams will "take their eyes off" each other for a place!

The goals of the game:

[www.online-soccer.ru] Holland 0-1 Germany from all-goals

[www.online-soccer.ru] Holland 0-2 Germany from all-goals

[www.online-soccer.ru] Holland 1-2 Germany from all-goals

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