The eyes show what endangers our health

It may seem strange, but eye color predisposes to certain diseases and our body's response to various environmental factors

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Tell me what color your eyes are to tell you what your health is at risk or what you are most prone to.

No, this is not a proverb, but medical data that have emerged from many years of observation and a series of medical studies that have been carried out, reaching the relevant conclusions.

Eye cancer

Do you have blue, green or gray eyes? The risk of a specific eye cancer called horny melanoma is higher than those with brown eyes. However, your chances are still low - it affects only 5-11 patients per million population.

"Flirting" with diabetes

Although further investigation is needed, a 2011 European study found that a combination of blue eyes and light skin increases the risk of developing type 1 diabetes.

Character reliability

Research shows that people with brown eyes are more reliable than those with different eye color. The same research, however, estimates that the facial features of people with brown eyes are probably the cause that causes the feeling of confidence, more than the color of the eyes.

Hearing loss

Studies show that in a noisy environment, people with brown eyes have less hearing loss than people with blue eyes. The reason is attributed to melanin, the pigment that gives color to skin, hair and eyes, and which people with brown eyes have more. It is therefore believed that the greater the amount of melanin in the eyes and ears, provides a little more protection when noise levels rise.

Addiction to alcohol

Not only are you more likely to drink alcohol if your eyes are blue, but you are also at a higher risk of becoming addicted to it, according to a 2015 study. Genetic links and other variables may be involved.


This happens when the tissue that normally grows inside the uterus grows out of it. When it invades organs such as the bladder and intestine, it is called deep invasive endometriosis. Women with blue eyes are more likely to suffer from deep invasive endometriosis than other women with a different eye color. Experts believe that the genes that control eye color may be linked to those that cause this serious form of endometriosis.

Response to psychoanalysis

Eye color can play a role in the type of behavioral therapy that works best for you. Dark eyes may respond better to a stable treatment as opposed to light eyes which are more likely to respond to a program that changes as they change, at their own pace.

Different daughter dilation

One in 5 people naturally have different sized daughters - one smaller than the other. But sometimes, mismatched pupils can be a sign of a health problem in the nervous system, such as a stroke or infection.


If you have blue eyes, you are less likely to develop vitiligo, a condition that allows the color of the skin to be lost in spots. Experts believe that it could be due to the fact that some of the genes that make the eyes blue, also reduce the risk of vitiligo.


Blurred vision is more likely to occur earlier if you have dark brown eyes, says an Australian study. However, brown or light colored eyes, everything eventually cataracts, regardless of their color.

Radial daughter

Studies are ongoing, but experts believe that the size of the daughter at rest could be a sign of intelligence. Older pupils tend to be associated with a well-functioning brain.

Colorful eyes

Do you have a blue patch on your mostly brown eyes? It could be a symptom of Waardenburg syndrome. This genetic disorder can cause the hair to turn white, cause light spots on the skin and change the color of the eyes (one blue and the other brown) or cause a white circle in the iris called the corneal arch. It can also cause deafness and unique facial features such as wide eyes and a wide bridge of the nose.

Sports skills

In sports where the moves made as a reaction - boxing, ball kicks, football defense - those with brown eyes perform better. But if you need to control the action from the beginning to the end, such as bowling, golf or baseball, blue eyes have an advantage.

Tolerance to pain

The study of women during childbirth shows the tolerance of pain depending on the color of the eyes. Women with dark eyes tended to have more difficulty during childbirth. They woke up from the pain more often, felt more pain at rest or when moving, and were more likely to be depressed because of their pain.

Macular degeneration

An Australian study says that people with light-colored eyes are twice as likely to develop age-related macular degeneration. This is because less ultraviolet light is absorbed by the iris, so more can pass into the retina and cause damage. This disease can cause vision loss.