The tips for walking very easily with heels

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The walk we admire in the models can be done by us. let me talk again about the division that prevails within me on the subject of heels. If you follow these tips your life will definitely be much better and you will be able to enjoy your life on the heels!

 Press first with the sole and then with the toe. Many times we make the mistake of throwing all the weight on the front of the foot so we get tired much more easily and quickly.

If you feel that you are going to stumble or you cannot walk straight, try to drop the weight on the inside of the foot at every step.

 This way the shoe will have better contact with your foot and you will control it more easily.

Think you have a straight line in front of you. An imaginary straight path will put you in the process of walking more concentrated without deviating, because high heels bother you.

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No need to rush. With heels, we take smaller steps anyway, but trying to do them at the same time as wearing a flat can even lead to injuries.

Don't squat.

As a result of the former, when we wear high shoes and even go faster than we can, many times we happen to squat. Keep your torso straight and you will see how you will feel more confident!

Source: Miss bloom