TopBrewer, the proof that the iPhone also makes coffee!

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topbrewer 12 e1323002972462Who said the iPhone can do anything but coffee? Error! Now with a simple tap on your favorite device, you can enjoy your coffee and not just from your home in just a few seconds!…

The reason for the innovative coffee maker TopBrewer which combines minimalist look and functionality. Once you feel the need for a dose of caffeine, open your iPhone and "order" the coffee of your choice. In just 15. You can enjoy a filter coffee and in 25. An espresso. If you're still not a fan of coffee, you have other options such as chocolate, milk or even hot water. In fact, you do not need to clean the device after each drink because it takes care to do it on its own.

Even if you do not have an iPhone or run out of battery, there is no need to worry, because the coffee machine provides an alternative way to produce drinks through its LCD screen. For more details you can refer to official webpage of the TopBrewer machine. Source: