Tourist arrivals slightly increased in May

Increased trips of Cypriot residents abroad

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Tourist arrivals for May 2024 were stable and slightly increased compared to May 2023, with the main markets of Cyprus not registering significant losses compared to the same month last year. At the same time, a significant increase of 13,8% was recorded in Cypriot residents' trips abroad.

According to the latest data from the Cyprus Statistical Service, tourist arrivals in May 2024 amounted to 421.400 compared to 420.076 in May 2023, marking an increase of 0,3%.

For the period January – May 2024, tourist arrivals reached 1.170.214 compared to 1.156.705 in the corresponding period of 2023, an increase of 1,2%.

Arrivals from the United Kingdom were the main source of tourism for May 2024, as they made up 39,8% (167.696) of total arrivals, arrivals from Israel 7,9% (33.138), arrivals from Poland 7,6, 31.849% (6,4), arrivals from Germany 27.081% (4,8) and arrivals from Sweden 20.103% (XNUMX).

Arrivals were up on May 2023 from the UK markets by 13.899, Germany by 1,165 and Poland by 1.012. Arrivals from Israel decreased by 4.304 people and from Sweden by 1,734.

The purpose of travel in May 2024 was vacation for 83,7% of tourists, visiting friends or relatives for 9,8% and business for 6,3%. Accordingly, for May 2023, 82,1% visited Cyprus for holidays, 11,3% to visit friends or relatives and 6,5% for business reasons

Increased trips of Cypriot residents abroad

Cypriot trips abroad in May 2024 amounted to 144.042 compared to 126.583 in May 2023, an increase of 13,8%.

Based on the data of the Statistical Service, the main countries from which Cypriot residents returned in May 2024 were Greece with 32,8% (47.291), the United Kingdom with 9,9% (14.226) and Italy with 6,0, 8.660% (XNUMX).

The purpose of travel of Cypriot residents in May 2024 was mainly holidays with a percentage of 75,7%, while professional reasons accounted for 17,8%, studies for 5,0% and other reasons for 1,5%.