Continuous investment in tourism is imperative

One of the main issues that our region has to deal with over time in the field of tourism concerns seasonality. Article by Dr. Michalis Zouvanis, Candidate Mayor of Paralimni - Deryneia (Frenaros - Acheritou - Vrysoullon)


In recent decades, the Municipality of Paralimni and the province of Famagusta in general have been leading the tourism sector throughout Cyprus and attracting the lion's share of local and foreign visitors. At the same time, tourism is the sector that employs thousands of our citizens and gives life to the development and improvement of the quality of life of every citizen of our province. But it is also a constantly changing and evolving field, which does not allow for any complacency or stagnation. The significant challenges that people in tourism have to face, on the one hand due to geopolitical turmoil and on the other hand, due to the economic crisis, inflationary pressures, lack of human resources, accuracy in raw materials and intense competition from neighboring destinations, demonstrate the necessity for continuous investment and upgrading of the tourism industry.

It is precisely for this reason that tourism must be one of the main priorities for the new Municipality of Paralimni, Deryneia, Frenaros and Acheritos - Vrysoules. Our trial approach is based on three pillars: Upgrading the tourist product – Cooperation, Funding-Utilization of funds and Plans, Modernization.


Tourism Product Upgrade - Cooperation Pillar


One of the main issues that our region has to face over time in the field of tourism concerns seasonality, while every year we hear about the need to lengthen the tourist season. Much can be done in this direction, while the support of the state is necessary, which, among other things, should decide to subsidize work, instead of unemployment, in tourism during the winter months, at least for a period of time, so that to give incentive to hotel and other units to continue their operation.


Any efforts, in order to bear fruit, must be done through the upgrading of the tourist product, in a coordinated manner, with consistency and cooperation with other agencies of the province and the state. It is our belief that actions and initiatives should be done in line with the objectives set by the Ministry of Tourism in the context of the 2030 Tourism Strategy.


We trust and support the operation of the Famagusta Tourism Development and Promotion Company and believe that the necessary modifications should be immediately promoted so that it continues to operate in a stable regime for the benefit of the entire province of Famagusta. An important parameter for us is the upgrade of services and the tourist product in all the municipal departments of our municipality and province and not only on the beach front. This will be possible through cooperation with all municipal departments. The upgrading of the tourist product must be based, among other things, on hospitality, which so strongly characterizes the world of our province and municipality. The human factor is what makes the difference and creates bonds with a destination.


In modern times, tourism is a concept intertwined with the experiences of visitors to a region, whether they are related to gastronomy, tradition and traditional arts, nature trails and the beauties of our region, sports, culture, sustainable development, cleanliness, innovation. This is exactly where we need to focus our efforts.


Pumping Pillar – Utilization of funds and Plans


In order to achieve all of the above, it is important to strengthen the infrastructure and culture in the new municipality, in order to lead to the greatest possible and most efficient utilization of existing funds from domestic or even European programs. Accordingly, better use should be made of the existing Plans provided by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism and other Ministries, as they offer the necessary impetus to further upgrade the services provided in the tourism sector.


Pillar Modernization


Technology is an integral part of all of our daily lives. According to international surveys, the majority of potential tourists use Social Media as well as various online platforms - websites, to choose their holiday destination. So we also have to upgrade the online presence of our tourist destination. Tourists are entitled to have immediate, easy and continuous access to information about each point of interest. Modernization also means strengthening our services in terms of sustainable tourism, another field in which there is great room for improvement.


Methodology, coordination, cooperation and cooperation of all, based on a comprehensive five-year plan, are the necessary ingredients for the successful upgrade of tourism, for the benefit of the citizens and our quality of life.

His article Dr. Michalis Zouvanis, Candidate Mayor of Paralimni - Deryneia (Frenaros - Acheritou - Vrysoullon)