The new season is coming and they can't find staff – Hoteliers are looking for solutions from third countries

They emit a danger signal for the coverage of jobs in the new tourist season

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More than 5.000 jobs in the tourism sector in our country is what is required for the smooth operation of hotels in the new tourist season of 2023, as reported by the General Director of the Pancypriot Association of Hoteliers (PASYXE) Filokypros Rousounidis on the RIK radio show "Morning Itinerary" .

"I am sounding the alarm because it will have very bad effects on the country's economy," stressed Mr. Rousounidis.

As he mentioned, there is not a sufficient number of staff available to work in the new tourist season in Cyprus accommodation, as a result of which efforts are being made to find staff from Third Countries.

According to Mr. Rousounidis, only a small percentage of the order of 5% is available to be employed by the domestic labor market, since most workers have been absorbed in other professions after the outbreak of the coronavirus.

He even clarified that no Cypriot employer wants to go through the time-consuming process of recruiting labor from Third Countries and having to train them, but unfortunately there is no available number of workers to fill the gap in the market, he explained, adding that the precision in the country us is a disincentive to attract workers.

However, as he emphasized, it is important that all the necessary measures be taken by the Government in a timely manner to find the required staff and train them as soon as possible.

"New countries are being redefined on the tourist map and we must do our best. "Unfortunately, we are putting ourselves in trouble," he concluded.