July: Tourist arrivals reached 523 thousand - 184 thousand Cypriots traveled

Tourist arrivals in July 2023 totaled 523.718, compared to 454.657 in July 2022, an increase of 15,2%

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Tourist arrivals in July 2023 totaled 523.718, compared to 454.657 in July 2022, an increase of 15,2%.

For the period January – July 2023, tourist arrivals amounted to 2.137.408, compared to 1.676.039 in the corresponding period of 2022, marking an increase of 27,5%.

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Arrivals from the United Kingdom were the main source of tourism for July 2023, accounting for 33,6% (175.924) of total arrivals, arrivals from Israel 12,4% (64.711), arrivals from Poland 5,5% (28.957), arrivals from Sweden 4,4% (22.994), arrivals from Germany 3,6% (19.030) and arrivals from Greece 3,1% (16.092) .

The purpose of travel in July 2023 was vacation for 85,4% of tourists, visiting friends or relatives for 11,3% and business for 3,3%. Accordingly, for July 2022, 84,9% visited Cyprus for holidays, 12,2% to visit friends or relatives and 2,8% for business reasons (Table).

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Returns of Cyprus Residents

Cypriot residents' trips abroad in July 2023 amounted to 184.335, compared to 134.198 in July 2022, an increase of 37,4%.

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The main countries from which Cypriot residents returned in July 2023 were Greece with 38,8% (71.445), the United Kingdom with 10,9% (20.011), Italy with 6,4% (11.870) and France with 4,3% (7.869).

The purpose of travel of Cypriot residents in July 2023 was mainly holidays with a percentage of 71,1%, while professional reasons accounted for 13,6%, studies for 13,7% and other reasons for 1,6%.

Methodological Information


Tourists – Visitors who stay at least one night in Cyprus are considered.

Tourist arrivals – The term refers to the number of visits, not the number of people. This differs in the sense that a person can make more than one visit in the given reference period.

Returning residents of Cyprus – This category includes persons who resided in Cyprus for at least 12 months or who came to Cyprus with the intention of staying for at least 12 months, prior to their trip.

Data Source and Coverage

The data comes from the Traveler Survey, which is conducted at the arrivals and departures of Larnaca and Paphos airports. In addition, data are gathered from administrative sources, such as monthly arrivals from ports.

The figures cover all persons who go through passport control at the ports and airports of Cyprus and refer to the areas controlled by the State. They do not include travelers arriving and departing illegally through ports and airports in the occupied territory of Cyprus.

The data was compiled based on the data sent to the Statistical Service by the Department of Civil Aviation and from the passenger lists of the ships, as well as data sent by the Analysis and Statistics Office of the Cyprus Police.