Tourism boosted the economy this year - 88% increase in revenue

Tourism revenue up 88% in first nine months y-o-y, down 12% on 2019

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By almost 30% or €80 million increased the income from tourism in September 2022, on an annual basis, while in the nine months the increase in income reached the impressive rate of 88% or €920,2 million.

Specifically, based on the results of the Travelers Survey conducted by the Statistical Service, tourism revenues in September 2022 reached €348,3 million compared to €268,2 million recorded in September 2021, noting an increase of 29,9%.

For the period January – September 2022, tourism revenues are estimated at €1.965,4 million compared to €1.045,2 million in the corresponding period of 2021, as well as €298,9 million in the period January – September 2020 .

It is noted that the revenues of the 9th month of 2022 are reduced by €268,6 million, or 12%, compared to the 9th month of 2019, before the start of the pandemic, when they had risen to €2.234 million.

Per capita and daily expenditure of tourists

Besides, according to the data of the Statistical Service, while tourist arrivals in September 2022 were increased by 21,9% and reached 413.382, compared to 339.242 last September, the average length of stay decreased to 9,8 days, in compared to 10,9 days in September 2021.

However, spend per head rose in September 2022 to €842,49, compared to €790,63 last September, while spend per day rose to €85,97, compared to €72,53.

Source: KYPE