The publisher of "Vantage" talks to us about the first free press magazine of Famagusta (Interview)

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In a province where many regret the lack of new entrepreneurs, new ideas and generally infertility in the birth of new businesses, a man proves that when you love what you do you do not just achieve your goal, but you are established for more than 6 years in his heart " difficult ”reading public of the province of Famagusta and even more, with a completely free magazine!

The paradox of the whole affair is not that Zanettos Loukas manages to maintain a well-crafted business idea, but that he successfully implements the same "whims" and the same "gin" of the greatest entrepreneur of the latest technological age, Steve Jobs, to pursue, that is, to constantly offer the reader a perfect product, but without calculating the cost. Suffice it to say that Vantage Magazine (now in its 31st issue) is published in a luxurious edition, with more than 200 pages, with rich articles and interviews with celebrities. And all this from a man who managed to do what many say but few manage to accomplish: to set goals and achieve them, simply doing what he loves.

With experiences from his studies in the United States of America, with a spirit for those who know him anxious, with travels to almost every corner of the planet -almost- and with a unique experience that few lived, to experience up close the harsh training of Shaolin monks , Zanettos is an example of a man who thanks to his creativity and courage managed today to make the whole province of Famagusta talk about him, since his magazine is available in 13 thousand copies and is distributed free of charge in most homes in major cities in the province.

We met him in a space that expresses his creativity, in the offices of Vantage magazine in Paralimni, to describe to us how the idea for the creation of the magazine was born, the travels, the Shaolin monastery and his new professional steps.