They beat up two employees and damaged a wedding

An incident occurred in a banqueting center

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An incident that occurred at a banquet center in Paphos and a case of assault and actual bodily harm against two persons, as well as causing damage, is being investigated by the Paphos TAE.


According to the Press Spokesman of the Paphos Police Department and Head of the Paphos TAE Michalis Nikolaou on 11.9.22 at a reception center in Paphos during a wedding reception, a 22-year-old and a 25-year-old are charged following a misunderstanding with the employees of the center, they caused damages amounting to 2.000 euros about.


They also allegedly assaulted and beat two employees aged 26 and 29 and caused them actual bodily harm.


Arrest warrants have been issued for the two persons aged 22 and 25 and they are wanted.


Investigations into the case are ongoing.