How to keep your food fresh

Three tips to not have to throw anything away

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Tired of throwing away food before you even have time to use it for the purpose for which you bought it? Below you will find three smart tips to help you keep your food fresh and longer lasting.

Humidity control

Place kitchen paper or paper towels on the bottom of your shelves and drawers. These will absorb excess moisture and keep many foods fresh so they do not rot prematurely.

Organize your meals

One way to avoid throwing forgotten food out of the fridge is to organize your meals based on the ingredients in it, always thinking about the shelf life they have until they run out or spoil. For example, if you have a bag of spinach in your fridge just before the final stage before throwing it away, you could use it in a rich and filling omelette the next day.

Prepare properly

Clean and prepare the fresh ones you just bought according to the way you intend to use them. If you prepare as soon as you buy them, you are more likely to use them more directly for the purpose for which you purchased them from the beginning.