These are the smartest cities in the world: The position of Cyprus

What is the smartest city in the world?

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The IMD Smart City Index revealed which destinations have the best infrastructure, services and technology.

When we use the phrase "the smartest city", we might imagine a place that stands out for its great universities or a place that is home to innovative industries. However, this study looks at things a little differently.

The IMD Smart City Index assesses "residents' perceptions of issues related to the structures and technology available to them in their city," while the term "structures" refers to infrastructure and technology. The cities were then rated on health and safety, mobility, activities, opportunities and governance.

2024 cities were analyzed in the 142 ranking. So what is the smartest city in the world? It is not surprising that for the fourth time in a row, it is Zurich. The Swiss city scores particularly well in public transport, health, education and public safety. Oslo came in second place, also for the fourth time, scoring particularly well for minimal traffic congestion and green spaces.

Australia's capital, Canberra, came third, thanks to low air pollution, while Geneva and Singapore rounded out the top five. As for the location of Athens?

We had to get to number 120 to meet her, further down from cities like Mumbai, Montegin, Sofia, Nicosia or Bucharest. It is worth noting that since 2020, when it was in the 98th place of the respective ranking, Athens has been continuously falling places, so in 2021 we saw it at 108, in 2023 at 113, while this year seven places lower.

The 10 smartest cities in the world:

Abu Dhabi