IMAGES / VIDEO: 37-year-old married to a tree and states "I am happy in my marriage"

Impressive is a story of 37-year-old Kate Cunningham who married a tree and even changed her last name.

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Her story makes an impression 37-year-old Kate Cunningham who married one tree and even changed her last name.

37-year-old Kate Cunningham, who changed her last name to Elder (boxwood) when they got married to the tree in 2019 in Shefton, Merseyside, he says the couple is more beloved than ever this holiday season.

The mother, who takes care of her autistic son alongside her its environmental work, visits the tree up to five times a week and has decorated it with a wreath, garland and Christmas balls.

In fact, she will spend the second day of Christmas with her other half, leaving the rest of her family at home in Merseyside.

The wedding with the tree took place as a sign of protest

Kate married the tree three years ago in protest of plans to build a bypass through her local park at the time.

As she said, the tree completes her and her love has grown since their marriage to Rimrose Valley Country Park in September 2019.
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Describe the tree as part of the family and said that their union changed her life for the better. Kate even signs her Christmas cards as "Mr. and Mrs. Elder."

The former assistant professor admitted that he sometimes performs up to five visits a week, thereby accelerating during the lockdown. She plans to visit the tree on the second day of Christmas to make sure she will not be left out of her festivities.

"It's our third Christmas together now, so it's almost a tradition to put the decorations on. "When I planted them, my tree was as attractive as ever in the bright December sun."

Kate, from the nearby village of Melling, immediately realized that the tree was "the one and only" because of the earthly energy that was pulling it towards him.

Love at first sight

When she visited Rimrose Valley Country Park to find the tree she would marry, her attraction to that tree was instantaneous. She has always loved trees and always felt connected to nature, but the bond she feels with this tree is at a much deeper level than anything else in the park, as she claims.
She was pulled by light color of the bark and its large size, saying it stood out from the darkest oaks in the park.

"People are still asking questions and they are not sure about my motives behind the marriage. They ask me, "Did getting married change your life for the better?" Yes it has! "Do you love the tree?" Yes!", he states.

Kate's family and friends fully support her marriage as they know she has always felt deeply connected to the earth. For Kate, trees are like humans - they have the energy and ability to bond with the things around them.
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But its union with it can not be said to be complete monogamous - as Kate has a boy who was with her every step of the way. He supports her choice and even meets Kate on some of her visits, without being bothered by their kisses and hugs.

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