Restaurant offers free dishes to those who tear the photo of the former

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This is how they celebrate Valentine's Day at "Hooters"!

Whoever divorces, has no reason to rejoice in the celebration of Valentine, unless of course a delicious dish of food eliminates the pain.

The man's love for fried chicken is also known and in "Hooters" they seem to know this well.


So on Valentine's Day, the well-known US restaurant chain offers free chicken wings to anyone who "rips their ex". All the customer needs to do is take a photo of her and tear it up in front of their eyes!

And if he can not do it alone, since it still hurts, the shapely waitresses are here to help him tear.


Of course there is always the choice of the website of "Hooters" and the discretion it offers in tearing, burning and much more of the photo, as a separation we must obviously honor…