Groom put on a camera, caught the bride doing something wrong and played the video at the wedding table

On the happiest day of their lives, a groom and a bride were getting ready to live, but no one expected what would follow.

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On the happiest day of their lives they were preparing to live one groom and one Bride but no one expected what would follow.

In recent years it is customary for the couple to enter the reception area after the wedding ceremony to be shown a video with moments of the couple. And while we have seen many tricks in weddings that have shocked us, with a great example, that of the groom who left the bride on the steps of the church. But something similar to what happened at this wedding we have certainly not seen before.

The groom, shortly before the wedding, realized that his fiancée he was cheating. And not with a stranger but with her sister's husband. Which in fact is six months pregnant!

The demon and deceived groom, settled hidden cameras. And it was not long before he saw his partner having a good time with her groom. And somewhere here begins the revenge.

He married her and did not tell anyone anything. Everything went smoothly and we arrive at the reception. Inside the packed room, a voice was heard through the microphone saying: "And now let's look at pictures from the couple's past."

Seconds later images from hard porn appeared in front of the guests. And immediately the shock was followed by an even bigger one: The bride was the protagonist and her sister's husband, a partner!

For the story, the bride admitted the bond, apparently the groom filed for divorce and the fate of the cheated sister's husband is unknown.


via: Enimerotiko