The weirdest story: TikToker who is triplets, but 4 years apart from her sisters

Triplets with age difference: A TikToker that is triplets, explains with a video how it is possible to have a difference of four years with the sisters

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Triplets with age difference: A TikToker that is triplets, explains with one video how can she be four years apart from her sisters.

Triplets with age difference: The strange story - puzzle

A woman from Nashville, USA, revealed that she and her two older sisters are triplets, although they were born four years apart.

Posting a video on TikTok, explains how such a thing can happen. As Shelby revealed, her parents had in vitro fertilization in the 1980s, when the procedure was relatively new at the time. After the embryos were created, they used half of them in her mother in 1990, when her twin sisters were born.

Then, after four years, they applied the other halves, resulting in the birth of Selby. Since Selby and her four-year-old sisters were arrested at the same time by the same circle, she believes that she and the other two girls are triplets.
As Selby explains: "In fact, my sisters and I are triplets, four years apart, because we were all arrested at the same time, in 1990.». Her video has gone viral, garnering more than 11 million views.

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