The moment a 92-year-old goes viral with his spectacular dive from the Rhodes Trampoline

The 92-year-old grandfather from Rhodes stole the show with his dive from a 6-meter water tank and everyone admires his prowess.

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The 92-year-old grandfather from Rhodes has stolen the impressions with the dive from a 6-meter water tank and everyone admires his prowess.

Over 1,2 likes has managed to collect the intrepid senior citizen, who after swimming to the Trampoline of Rhodes, made an impressive dive – from a height of 6 meters leaving everyone with their mouths open.

His dive was caught on video by a bather, who posted the video on Instagram!

“On our last day in Greece, this gentleman (probably in his 80s) swam and slowly climbed into the high water. The entire beach watched with bated breath as he glanced at the deep blue ocean before diving. To give you context, this is a concrete structure about 6 meters high in the middle of the sea. Swim 5 minutes against the tide. He climbed the 30 steep steps to the top and dived in giving us a perfect 10. Returned to shore after another 5 minute swim.

A beautiful pure moment captured by @mrjesserose that touched my soul and made me wonder about this gentleman and his life mantra.

Live the adventure! Your younger self is always within you. There is nothing to fear but yourself. Fearing the inevitable is futile. So live life", the post said.

After that, the woman did her research and managed to locate the 92-year-old keen swimmer, who does not want more publicity but is happy for the smile he brought to those who saw his dive.

Reveal that too secret of: Every morning he eats 4 raw eggs with a little lemon!

Watch the video of his dive below

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