"Cursed lottery": He won 16 million and his brother hired a killer to inherit him

"My brother hired a killer to inherit me": The super-lucky 16 million and his "cursed" life after the jackpot.


In 1988 the William "Bud" Post earned $ 16 million in lottery and as he mentions these caused him nightmares and misery.

Ο William “Bud” Post III won $ 16 million in the lottery, but that money turned out to be cursed as his brother tried (thankfully unsuccessfully) to kill him to inherit it.

The story of the American lucky one is the most vivid example that money does not always bring happiness. In 1988 William "Bud" Post III won the lottery 16 million dollars. This is probably the most important case of a winner in the history of gambling, since the Post when he won the above amount, had only $ 2 in his bank account.

The lottery that changed his life

His luck smiled and everything showed that his whole life would change. However, things took a different turn. What happened next was more like a nightmare than the beautiful ending of a fairy tale that most people would expect.

The Post began to spend recklessly. His lawyer described him as one of them The Beverly Hillbillies, who did what one could do to become a millionaire overnight. Within two weeks of his first lottery payout, the Post had already spent two-thirds on restaurants and rental cars.

However bad management of money was just the beginning of evil. A little later his brother was arrested because he had hire a killer to kill him in order to inherit him. As it turned out, however, there was no legacy.

Post managed to stay alive and continued to waste his money on purchases and investments, including the purchase of a twin-engine jet, even though he did not have a license to operate.

The money from the lottery did not reach him. He was eventually forced into bankruptcy and spent a year in prison for shooting himself in the head with the head of a banknote collector.

Speaking at Washington Post in 1993, thirteen years before his death at the age of 66, Post spoke of the problems that brought him so much money. "Everyone dreams of making money, but no one realizes the nightmares that arise. I was much happier when I was on the mat ".

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