"My days are never boring": A 24-year-old mother of 21 (!) Babies explains her daily life (PICTURES)

16 nannies inside the house and a program involving a total of 23 children under the same roof

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Like any mom baby he knows, surely the whole day is full of challenges and surely both parents have a lot to do. But imagine having 21 babies. Yours… This is the life of 24-year-old Christina Ozturk.

The young mother, from Batumi, Georgia, and millionaire businessman Galip, 57, has paid $ 195.500 to surrogate women from March last year to July this year.

Christina, originally from Russia, spends $ 96.000 a year on 16 in-house nannies who work around the clock taking care of their fast growing family.

The couple also lives with Christina's daughter Victoria, six, from a previous relationship, and one of Gallip's nine eldest children, which means they are 23 children under the same roof.

And the 24-year-old insists she is a practical mom. He told Fabulous in the past: "I'm with the kids all the time, doing all the things that moms usually do.

"The only difference is the number of children. "Every day is different, from staff planning to shopping for my family."

"I can tell you one thing: My days are never boring"

Kristina talks about her daily life on Instagram, where she blogs Batumi_mama and has 160.000 followers.

In a recent Q&A on Instagram, she explained how her life, that of her babies and her husband really work.

During the week, the children eat separately from their parents, as Dad Gallip returns home so late from work.

Christina says: "Usually we feed the children on time and have dinner with my husband very late."

"On the weekends, we eat together, we spend as much time as possible alone, that's why Sunday is a day off on the blog, so that we are just a family without prying eyes."

Their nannies work on a four-day, two-day break schedule and all stay in the family home with bedrooms close to the children. They also have their own kitchen where they can order food.

On Instagram, Kristina was asked how it works and if each nanny is "assigned to a specific child".

He said: "No, there are no commitments. During the day of course a specific one is responsible for a specific child. "But during the week the nannies change."

"I have been asked many times how I have enough feelings for each child, if I dedicate time alone to each one. Yes is the answer. We have a special bond with every child. I wish every parent can spend all their time with their children because this is the most important thing in life ".

Christina and Galip's babies are Mustafa, 19 months old, Mariam, 18 months old, Ayrin, 18 months old, Alice, 18 months old, Hassan, 17 months old, Judy, 17 months old, Harper, 16 months old, Teresa , 16 months old, Hussein 16 months old and Anna 15 months old.

Their youngest children are Isabella, 15 months old. Ishmael, 14 months old. Mehmet, 14 months old, Ahmet 14 months old, Ali 13 months old? 13-month-old Christina? Sarah one, Lockman one, Gallip 11 months old, Olivia nine months old and Judy three months old.

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