The strongest photos of the past week

The strongest photos of the week

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Some of the most important events that took place in the past few days around the world follow in the following photos. The most representative images of the week always have the following components: Colors, passion, tears, effort, survival, joy, pain and that does not change.

This is because if a picture is worth a thousand words then you certainly do not need many words for the pictures below. In the pictures that follow, then, they are condensed what happened in the world last week.

See how his camera lens recorded AssociatedPress the events that have taken place in the world in the last seven days.

Del Rio, Texas, USA: The Modern Horror in a Frame

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Photographs of ill-treatment of Haitian immigrants along the Mexican-US border are horrific and shocking. Border guards on horses beat immigrants with children in their hands with whips and their lasagna.

Haitian immigrant in Del Rio

The situation in the Texas border town of Del Rio alone can be described as tragic with more than 15.000 being stacked under a bridge in extremely unfavorable conditions, seeking asylum from the US.

Haitian immigrant with his child

La Palma, Spain: The hot river swallows villages and houses

Lava from the volcano in Palma

Spain has been shocked by the first volcanic eruption on land in the Canary Islands in 50 years.

Lava from the volcano in Palma

The blast forced authorities to evacuate dozens of settlements in La Palma and ask those who want to see the phenomenon up close to avoid the area.

Lava from the volcano in Palma

About 6.000 of the 80.000 people living on the island have been forced to flee their homes.

Beijing, USA: The collapse of a colossus that could drag the world economy

Statue in Beijing

China's largest real estate company is collapsing in terms of turnover, which is present in more than 280 cities. It employs 200.000 people and indirectly supplies 3,8 million jobs with a turnover of 2% of China's GDP. A possible bankruptcy could lead to a domino of developments but Lehman Brothers.

Perm, Russia: Mourning for another blind blow

Flowers at the murder scene of students at Perm University in Russia

The images that took place at the University of Perm in Russia on September 20 are inconceivable. Eight people were killed and dozens injured when an armed student opened fire inside a university in the city of Perm.

"For as long as I can remember, I have always thought about death. "I do not know how many I can kill but I will try to take with me as many as possible," the perpetrator reportedly wrote, among other things.

Kabul, Afghanistan: There is no place for musicians under the Taliban

Musician in Afghanistan

The human rights situation in Afghanistan since the Taliban came to power is an issue of great concern to the international community.

The rights of women, minorities as well as entertainment activities such as music and sports have been targeted as "unnecessary".

Gradually in the last month the music stops being heard in the cities. The last time the Taliban came to power, they banned music altogether.

Whitby, England: The Full Moon and the Vampire

The full moon of the harvest in England

This month's full moon is the one that comes closest to the September equinox. That is why we call it the Harvest Moon.

Usually, we associate the Harvest Moon with September, although this is not always the case. Sometimes, when the full moon occurs in the first week of September, we have to wait until October for the Harvest Moon.

The frame from Whitby, England brings to mind the stories of the vampire since Bram Stoker wrote his novel of the same name.

California, USA: The nightmare of fires is endless

Firefighter at the Battle of California

The devastating flames in California reached the groves of the giant sequoias.

The groves are part of California National Parks and are home to ancient giant sequoias, one of the tallest trees on earth, up to 60 meters high.

Some are over 1500 years old. Although they have adapted over the centuries to withstand fires, this year's "cocktail" of prolonged drought and ongoing fires caused by climate change makes them vulnerable.

Paraguay: Unprecedented drought in the country

Dried river in Paraguay

An unprecedented wave of drought has hit Paraguay from one end to the other, causing enormous problems in the lives of the inhabitants.

Scientists are talking about a historical water shortage that they do not know when they will meet again.

Islamabad, Pakistan: Work does not stop even for the storm

Engine driver in the rain

The differences of the weather phenomena in the 4 points of the horizon are huge. From catastrophic fires, to drought and then to storms and floods.

In any case, the work never stops. Even if he throws. Chairs.

Praiagraz India: The boy in the form of a goddess

Hindu in the Ganges

A boy disguised as the Hindu goddess, Shiva, walks on the Ganges River in Praiagraz asking for alms from the faithful. Thousands of worshipers flock to the city of India, which is considered a major Hindu center.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: The piglet as a pet

A young woman with a pig in an apartment

Humans are associated with all kinds of animals, reptiles, insects and flies. And they make them their pets too.

16-year-old Luciana Benetti has become attached to her piglet Chanci, with whom she lives in her apartment in Buenos Aires.

The piglet was a gift from her parents and now they have become so sticky that when the child fainted one day, Changchi ran to her aid and felt that something was wrong.


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