What is it like to give coffee under the name of Pelé to Argentines?

cafe pele1 Argentina, PELE

Advertising trick in the mouth of the wolf

The Brazilian company JDE has chosen a risky way to promote its new product at the headquarters of the "enemy", which is named after one of the top football players of all time, Pelé.

"Café Pelé" is the name of a new coffee launched by the company in honor of the legendary ace and which he wanted to launch in the market of the Argentinean authority from Buenos Aires.

In the mouth of the wolf, that is, since we are talking about the absolute football against the level of National teams and the eternal dilemma for the best of all time. Argentina Vs Brazil, Maradona Vs Pelé.

And yet the company dared to do so in a clever way, as you can see in the video. In a central square of the capital, a seller with a wheelchair equipped with everything necessary, but without mentioning the name of the product, offers coffee to passers-by.


The reviews are extremely flattering about the product, with people saying they are ecstatic about the wonderful taste of the coffee.

All this, of course, until the moment when it is revealed to passers-by that the coffee they just tasted is called "Café Pelé". There the reactions changed and only at the hearing of the name Pelé…

"Our strategy is to put our product at the heart of a healthy rivalry and to show the quality of our coffee in a more relaxed way, through this traditional rivalry that has existed for years between the two countries," notes Deborah Bertolozzi. head marketing of JDE Brazil which launches the product.