Early summer in Thessaloniki: She put on her swimsuit and went for a sunbath at the Port

The photo from Thessaloniki has gone viral, where a woman, taking advantage of the good weather, went out in a swimsuit to the port.

prooro kalokairi sti thessaloniki forese to magio tis kai pige gia iliotherapeia sto limani VIRAL PHOTO, THESSALONIKI, MAGIO

The photo from Thessaloniki where a woman taking advantage of the good weather went out in a swimsuit to the port.

A young girl in a bikini appeared in Port of Thessaloniki, where he lay down on a bench and made her sunbathing of today at noon.

The increase of temperatures in combination with the hot rays of the sun today, "led" a girl in the center of the city and specifically at pier A of Limenas in Thessaloniki to spread her towel on a bench and start. Sunbathing.

Then, she took off her pants and stayed with the swimsuit she was wearing underneath to "acquire" the necessary tan color, as you will see in the photos.



via: Enimerotiko