The award for most failed statue goes to Manet's in Senegal

mane senegal statue SANDIO MANE

His bust Cristiano Ronaldo that adorns Madeira airport remains an example of how an idea for a statue can turn into a colossal failure.

However, the unrealistic artworks in honor of football players may have acquired their new "flag".

The strongest candidate was the creator of his wooden statue Santo Mane, who made revelations in the Senegalese striker's home country, Babali. Her player image Bayern with her jersey national of Senegal it didn't take long for it to go viral on social media, and not for good.

The reason is certainly the minimal, if not zero, resemblance of the statue to him Mane, but also the slightly… scary look the artist gave, causing a flurry of comments on twitter for the rather unfortunate attempt.

via: Gazzetta