"She had completely maddened him": Outraged father cuts his son's playstation with a chainsaw

A father saw his son stuck with the playstation and decided to take drastic measures to comply.

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A πατέρας he saw his son stuck with the playstation and decided to take drastic measures to comply.

"Father of the Year" was described by many other parents as a British builder who "went crazy" from his son's addiction to the famous toy, so he entered the little boy's room while he was playing, took the chainsaw and… cut it, because he has turned it, as he said, to "completely stupid"!
The reason for him Simon So. from Sandworth, Manchester, who even posed smiling at his friend's camera, which was filming a 400-euro machine while making pieces.

"Hello everyone, I'm Sai. This is the my chainsaw TS410 and this is PlayStation of my son, which I took from his room, because it has turned him into a complete idiot and I snorted ", said the father of two children.

He even posted the relevant video on his Facebook account, with some users "anointing" him in the "father of the year" comments.
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"This is a father!… I will show it to my children later!" wrote one of them.

Others, however, were quick to point out that the builder did not act so cleverly, as he would eventually end up buying a new game console for his son.
"Sorry buddy, but your wife will make you buy a new one for Christmas. However, I understand your anger ", commented one.
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Another, calmer and more sensible, added: "I understand that you confiscated the machine, but our country is in a miserable state, social groceries are constantly asking for donations and you could make a family happy at Christmas, especially if its children do not receive any gifts."...



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