The unexplained motorbike of "Idiot and Panhellenic" goes up for auction

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The legendary comedy-myth scooter can become yours

As one of the most unique comedies of the last twenty years, "The Idiot and the Fool" (1994) wrote their own silly cinematic story in the most malicious letters.

Giving us anthology scenes of course (and) on their unprotected motorbike for Aspen, which goes up for auction on eBay.


And because it's authentic, it's already in 24.492 dollars, with six days left until the auction closes.

It has even been restored to work again, but also to be exactly as we see it in the movie, with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels riding it and opening up to the adventure.


"It's one of only two mini-bikes made for the original 'Dumb and Dumber' comedy back in 1994 by the late Sydney J. Barholomew. The other has been donated to Planet Hollywood ", writes the guy who sells it.


So if you have a few thousand left over, here's what you can do…