These three signs will be the luckiest in the month of December

The last month of the year is about to begin and astrologically it is predicted to be full of planetary aspects that may strain some signs, however there are always the favored ones!


According to, the signs that seem to have a luckier month are Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo, but mainly after 10/12/2022 as the first ten days will be more demanding for everyone. Of course, those who have an ascendant in these signs are also favored, regardless of their sign.


The truth is, my dear Tauruses, that the last period almost since the end of October has not been the most calm and relaxed for your sign or ascendant, as perhaps inevitable changes occurred with the eclipses affecting you. As December approaches, you are still trying to recover from all the things that have forced you, while what seems to be of particular concern to you are the practical issues of your professional and financial affairs. In fact, the month begins with the opposition of your ruling planet, Venus, to retrograde Mars on December 1st. Both planets are in the financial houses of your Solar horoscope, perhaps creating extra pressure in managing your finances. You must be very careful with finances and with the Full Moon in Gemini on 08/12. You may make a rash decision or make a rash investment and regret it down the road. And maybe even sooner than you think. You're generally not the type to spend frivolously, but you may be swayed by what seems like a bargain. On the other hand, it is possible that emergencies will arise at home or at work that you had not calculated on those days. Try to avoid tensions with partners and keep a low profile and your credit locked! And let's go to the pleasant news of the month, which is not a little. Venus moves into a more harmonious and compatible sign to your Capricorn on 10/12 and your personal life begins to receive stimulating injections. Until 2/1/23, not only will your love relationships be favoured, but also your mood, while you will want to break the routine a bit and travel or even organize a trip for later. Mercury from 7/12, Venus from 12/12, and the Sun from 21/12 in Capricorn will help make your everyday life more fun, increase your desire for a change of scenery, even if it means that you will take a trip, try a new cuisine at a new restaurant, or watch a movie or series that will take you on a journey if traveling somewhere for the holidays is not on the schedule. On the other hand, it will be a lucky period to plan your next professional steps, to think about the future of studies if you are younger or if you are determined to sit down again regardless of your age for a master's degree or to enhance your knowledge and your CV. After 10/12 you will also be more connected with your friends or partners. The New Moon in Capricorn on 23/12 can bring success in publishing, advertising, communication, but also in legal matters. Some may travel at Christmas in order to spend the holidays in a favorite place, possibly abroad. On 29/12, Mercury, the ruler of your love relationships, turns in an apparently retrograde course and you are likely to have returns from your love past. Perhaps someone who has a foreign connection, or may have come from a completely different background than you, will reappear in your life.


Don't be too quick to judge December from its first ten days, because you'll be way off in your estimations. The very good and fun part of December is reserved for after 10/12 when the planets will be in a more compatible and harmonious sign to yours, Capricorn. Let's take the things from the beginning. Already at the end of November, a tension was building in your daily life with the oppositions of your ruler Mercury on 29/11, but also of Venus on December 1st from the sign of Sagittarius with retrograde Mars in Gemini. The climax of this tension will come with the Full Moon in Gemini conjunct retrograde Mars. This is the most demanding period for you, especially if you have a birthday in the second decade, both in personal life and career matters. So you should be quite careful in managing your relationships with colleagues, superiors, superiors, clients, but also with your partner and family. An angry expression of your feelings can have consequences if you are not careful about what you say and who you say it to. Both the choice of the right moment and the choice of words to use to express your dissatisfaction or a complaint will play a decisive role in the outcome of things especially in career matters. Whatever comes up try to keep your cool and if you feel like you're going to "lose it" stop any conversation and come back with a clearer mind a few days later if you don't want to cause a rift. Of course, you will be more careful in family relationships, but also in health matters these days. This Full Moon is not friendly with almost anyone, so you don't need to take unnecessary risks. And as soon as the influence of the Full Moon is complete, the sweetest, most entertaining, but also most romantic period of December begins. As early as 7/12 Mercury, from 10/12 Venus and from 21/12 the Sun will move into Capricorn in the most fortunate, creative, fun and optimistic part of your horoscope and will restore joy and hope to your life. If you are single, you will easily be able to make acquaintances, while until 2/1/22 there is a particularly social period that will offer you many opportunities to go out, throw it out on the occasion of the holidays, travel, make new friends, rejoice with your children if you are parents. You may have thousands of obligations and responsibilities, but you must prioritize yourself and fun and joy even for a few days. An excellent New Moon in Capricorn on 23/12 opens up new avenues in your love life if you were born in August, while you may also enter the process of having a child if you are of the right age and wish to. Just before the end of the year on 29/12 your ruler Mercury turns retrograde apparently in Capricorn and a return from your love past or even your professional past may occur for some.


The way the last month of the year begins has absolutely nothing to do with the way it will close, my dear Capricorns. As if there is a distinct dividing line somewhere around 10/12 that divides the month into a demanding, tortuous and tiring first ten days and a more enjoyable, relaxed and fun next twenty days. First of all, you enter December already with a feeling of tiredness, but perhaps also of stagnation in many matters that mainly concern business, relationships with partners, the progress that you do not seem to be making at least for the moment and some physical or psychological loss as a result of the over-effort you put in on all fronts in your everyday life. The tension that has started since the last ten days of November with the oppositions of both Mercury and Venus from Sagittarius with retrograde Mars in Gemini reaches a moment of climax with the Full Moon in Gemini on 08/12. Some, especially those born in the second decade, may reach your limits literally close to this moon and feel frustrated either by situations unfolding in your workplace, or by the stress caused by a job that becomes toxic and affects psychology you may even decide to leave such an environment. Maybe it's the right time to move forward and take a new step. Close to the Full Moon, let's be more careful with the issues of your health and physical condition. Fortunately the image of December thereafter and especially from 10/12 has nothing to do with it and will compensate you for its first difficult days. As early as 7/12 Mercury has moved into your sign, but on 10/12 you will be visited by Venus helping you gain more confidence, have a better mood and play a leading role in the developments of the rest of the month in all your activities . Outstanding until 2/1/23 will be her contribution to matters of beauty and appearance in general, but also to your love life. If you are single, you may make interesting acquaintances, flirt and steal the gaze of admirers around you. You will be more spontaneous with your friends, more receptive to your partner's suggestions and have more opportunities to enjoy the festive atmosphere. The evening of December 21st at the Winter Solstice will begin your own birthday which always brings you into focus at this time increasing optimism and joy. Your birthday this year is graced by a particularly positive New Moon on 23/12 which is helpful and supportive in your new beginnings and the goals you will set for the new year. Things seem to be going very positively both for your love life and for your finances. A trip to the Christmas season whether far or near will lift you up even more.