See who are the 3 lucky and 3… unlucky signs of this week

A new week means a new beginning and new goals, for some zodiac signs who these days have the favor of the stars on their side. For other signs, however, it means continued misunderstandings, suffering and misunderstanding.


According to, the following three zodiac signs will be lucky these days, while three more signs will be rather... unlucky.

The lucky signs of the week of January 23 to 29


On January 24, Jupiter meets the Sun in your 11th house of relationships and partnerships. So if you have a new deal or collaboration in the works, things are progressing very positively in this area. Feel free to promote yourself where needed. Of course, with Venus in your 10th house making a good impression won't be difficult. The Sun will also meet Mars in your sign on January 29, which will not only inspire and motivate you, but also give you the perfect opportunity to believe more in your abilities and in yourself.


Post that selfie, Cancers. Don't hesitate. Uranus is in your house of communication and the Sun is in Aquarius. Chances are that with this combination you will connect and collaborate smoothly. Jupiter on January 24 will move into the house related to your career and many of you may make a spontaneous and bold decision. Flirting is very likely in your love affairs, as well as the unconventional approach of a person, which will cause you a pleasant surprise.


The Sun moves into your sign and the momentum of your ruler, Uranus, pushes you to make the most of this week and all its positives. The more you are willing to embrace your uniqueness, the more likely you are to succeed. Now is your chance to do what has always pleased you: use your voice for the greater good. Plus, with harmony-seeking Venus sliding into dreamy Pisces and your second house of values, finances and security on January 26, you'll have a positive encounter, both financially and in terms of self-confidence.

The unlucky signs of the days


Your ruling planet, Venus, is conjunct Saturn, a position that greatly influences you and all your relationships. You feel pressure and stress and the need to be defensive against everyone. To succeed this week, you will need diplomacy rather than strong and impulsive reactions. You feel greater pressure in finances, although you are well aware that hard work earns goods. The same is true with the top, which you have to take slow and steady steps to conquer.


Take some time to collect your thoughts so that you can also find the motivation you are missing. Try not to idealize situations or people. As nobody is perfect. Think realistically about every area of ​​your life, without always blaming others. The hard part in relationships is to treat the other as an equal and realize that you are not the only one with insecurities and fears. Venus entering the house of personal care on January 26 helps ease tensions and help you think with more compassion and calmness, but also to realize that you are not alone.


Feeling down? Perhaps this is due to the Moon entering Pisces and your fourth house of family and emotions. You are more sensitive than usual so make sure to discern what you are receiving so you keep the positives and don't get too affected. Also, last week's melancholic Venus-Saturn conjunction touched the third house of your mind and immediate environment. The aftermath of this could join your daily routines, especially on January 28th during the first quarter moon in Taurus and cause a general sadness. This, however, will depend on how clear you are with your loved ones.