There are two signs that are estimated to be… super lucky in 2022

The new year that has just begun, according to astrologers will be a very positive year for several zodiac signs and especially two zodiac signs will be super lucky in 2022.

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The following are generally considered lucky signs for the new year:

In business


Their value is recognized and throughout the year they will be supported by the presence of Saturn. For the representatives of Gemini, great favor is foreseen in the professional ones with proposals, increases in the financial ones. Combined with the sociability and communication skills of the zodiac sign important acquaintances and new steps at work are for sure.


The best you can hope for in 2022, Libra. With Zeus in your 6th house until May 10, recognition, success and improvement of working conditions are expected. If so far you are facing difficulties in the business, expect a very good proposal - cooperation that will meet your expectations and will satisfy your desires.


Get ready to shine! Thanks to Jupiter who will be on Mars from May 11 to October 28, you will realize your professional expectations, while it is very likely that you will find the job of your dreams.

In love


Things may not have been going so well for you lately, but that seems to be changing in 2022. Next year, mainly from 10/5 onwards, many of the Libra will make a new relationship or formalize it. they already have. Those who are in a stable relationship, will think about marriage and this is a very good year to even become parents! 


Surely 2022 will be for you a year with a lot of emotion. Romance will dominate and will guide you to find your other half (if you have not found it yet). Some of your zodiac sign will meet the love of their life and it is not at all unlikely that they will even marry him. If you are offered marriage or cohabitation, it would be good to say "yes", because with Zeus in your 7th house until May 10, this year is very favorable for you in this area.


2022 is a good year for Capricorns to formalize their relationship. With the new year, they should pay more attention to their partner and "tie" their relationship, as the new year is favorable for them. Those who are single souls, are very likely to find love from where they do not expect it. Maybe a person who will suddenly reappear in their life or a new one is what they have been waiting for so long. Besides, Zeus… says it clearly that this year they will "open a home"!

The most .. super lucky signs

According to and the New York astrologer, Courtney O'Reilly, for the next year and a half Scorpios and Taurus (but also those who have planets in these signs) are greatly affected. The dates they should pay more attention to and take advantage of are April 30, May 15, October 25 and November 8, as the eclipses of those days favor them even more.

The year that has just begun, Taurus and Scorpio, will experience great changes both professionally and emotionally. Inspiration and mood for new things overwhelms them, while to a large extent they will come in real contact with their inner world. They will understand what they really want, who they are and how to proceed next. Being zodiac signs, which work a lot based on the program and traditions (mainly Taurus), they will manage to live in the "here and now" and enjoy every moment. Eclipses and planetary movements favor them, so they must make the most of the new year.