Favor in their main love matters will be enjoyed by 4 signs until 29/9

The planet of love, beauty and money will make a stop in Virgo until 29/09/2022 and during this time, especially 4 signs will be very favored in matters of love.


Asi Billiou explains that this is a favorable position of Venus and especially the following 4 signs will have great favor these days until the end of the month.


Venus in Virgo will usher in a highly amorous and passionate period for you, since it will activate the most amorous sector of your horoscope. During this time you will regain your self-confidence, you will feel confident about what you can achieve and you will not hesitate to bring out your best self. This is the time to shine and stand out from the crowd, so dare to break out of the routine you love so much to meet new people, flirt and have fun. If you are engaged you will rekindle the flame between you and you may feel the excitement you felt on the first dates of your relationship. It is also the ideal time to put forward an offspring or to get closer to your children. This position of Venus will help you express your interest and love to others and be sure to find the response you seek. In addition to the emotional, it is also a very creative period for your business, so don't hesitate to put your plans into action and pursue your goals.


You are one of the most favored in September, since the planet of love, money, and pleasure will be in your sign for almost the entire month. Venus will bring you charm and you'll make a very good first impression on the people you know now, so it's the perfect time to make new acquaintances and go on dates. If you are already engaged you will be given the opportunity to get closer to your partner and bridge your differences, because you have diplomacy and know what to say to get others on your side. In general, the climate will be much calmer and you will be willing to make compromises and retreats in order to find a common line with others. Take advantage of this time if you want to improve your appearance and treat yourself. Venus will give you the opportunity to relax, take care of yourself and enjoy the small joys of life without feeling any regrets.


With Venus in the sign of Virgo, September will be a positive month for you as you will regain your optimism and feel the need to expand your spiritual horizons and escape from the routine of everyday life. It is very likely that you will meet new people who will somehow change your worldview and make you see situations through a completely different lens. Travel, study and foreign contacts are particularly favoured, so if you wish to advance any plan in these areas, do so without a second thought. In the next period you will manage to find solutions to problems that have been bothering you and new paths will open up in front of you which will help you to develop. It is the right time to introduce new interests into your life or to enrich your knowledge and experiences. It is possible that some of you will meet love on a trip or have a relationship with a person who is far away.


Venus will be in the sign of Virgo throughout the month and you will be particularly favored in terms of relationships and partnerships. So this means that it is the ideal time to make new acquaintances and contacts and to start something new, either personally or professionally. If you are already in a relationship or in a marriage, the planet of love will help you get closer to each other and restore balance in case there were tensions between you in the past. In general, the climate now will be more harmonious and you will be able to resolve misunderstandings and understand each other better. On a professional level, you will have opportunities for new collaborations and profitable agreements, while it is possible that you will make some contacts that will play a decisive role in your path. If there had been differences and confrontations with your partners, now you will be able to settle them and find a common line that will benefit both you and them.


Let's see how the new position of Venus will affect each sign:


With Venus in Virgo, it's worth stepping up your efforts at work now, as you'll reap the rewards of your hard work. Your daily life will become more meaningful and productive. But also be passionate about yourself and take care of him. Follow a good diet and exercise, since now you can get the look you want.


The ruler of your sign in Virgo is a particularly favorable position. Love, creation, artistry and aesthetics, promotion, but also having children, all the joys are for you, in a demanding period in general. Emotions awaken and bring close to you those who love you and you love.


With Venus' new position in Virgo it seems that family life can bring you pleasures. Real estate matters proceed more easily. Your passion is about your nest, the place where you feel sheltered, which is your harbor in difficult times. It's time to treat it and enjoy it. It is also the time to strengthen your relationships with your loved ones and get close to your family.


Aphrodite from Virgo pushes you into communication, social media and dealings with the world. Love becomes love for learning, since you are eager to know new things, to have new experiences and associations. You may have very pleasant meetings and news from your intimate surroundings.


A flirtation or recent relationship can turn into something more powerful, creating strong feelings. On the other hand, Venus in Virgo intensifies your thirst for new financial rewards and deals. By all means sort out your financial past.


Venus moves into your sign and your passions awaken. Love, creation, professional relationships and finances will be greatly stimulated until 29/09/2022. Make sure you enjoy them, without your usual anxieties and capitalize on your good image and the charm you radiate, which draws others to you like a magnet.


Your ruling planet, Venus, brings an important gift: inner peace and tranquility. Your spirit grows stronger, as does your need for spiritual pursuits. You love yourself more and are confident. After a long period of time where you haven't come to terms with several sides of you, you will feel like you wouldn't trade your life for anyone else.


Friends and company give you joy and you share your desires and favorite activities with them. On the other hand, it is possible for a friendship to turn into love or, in general, to radiate love wherever you go. Public relations, showcasing your talents and favoring collaborative work are some of the gifts of Venus.


The best thing to do with Venus in Virgo is to be passionate about your career, your social rise and your professional visibility. It's time to shine in your professional environment and be recognized for your worth. Set high goals, as long as they are achievable.


Venus in Virgo offers opportunities for knowledge, but also a great desire to expand your intellectual interests or study something new. Favor in publications, tourism, travel and relations with foreigners and abroad. Your horizons open and you have faith in the future and optimism.


Venus comes to offer more intense emotions in your love relationships. It is good, however, to control your impulses, especially when it comes to new acquaintances. At the same time, you are fighting your finances, which looks like they will yield some loot. Favor and combativeness in hereditary matters.


It's time to get closer to your partner or find a partner. Venus in Virgo can bring a relationship or even a life partner. The most important; Opportunities to fall in love may present themselves. If now you are already engaged, a formalization or tenderness and understanding with your partner may come. Also, you will have understanding with your partners or good partnerships.