Tomorrow's Solar Eclipse will significantly affect all the signs

A solar eclipse that will take place tomorrow, Saturday, April 30, in combination with the formation of the New Moon and other astrological aspects, will bring sweeping changes, but also opportunities in all the zodiac signs.


Asi Biliou in an article on states that the Solar Eclipse - New Moon, which takes place in the sign of Taurus on April 30, 2022, is intense and subversive, as it accepts the influence of the revolutionary Uranus and the warlike Mars, while the governor Aphrodite is in a meeting with the benefactor Zeus. The energies of these planets are a powerful "cocktail" of creativity, imagination, innovation, subversion and power. This solar eclipse is the first eclipse of the year, but the second that takes place on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, since we had the first eclipse on this axis in November 2021. The eclipses on this axis will continue until October 2023 and we will be called to learn the balance between give and take, but also to discover our own needs and values ​​as individuals.

The effect

All eclipses bring changes and awareness. Usually the Lunar ones on a more psychological, internal and subjective level, while the Solar ones bring to light these realizations and turn them into energy and action, or some event forces us to make any changes. Understandably, the decisions and moves we make during this eclipse will have real significance for the rest of our lives. So, think carefully about which battles you will fight and which rounds you will close.

The Solar Eclipse - New Moon can take place on April 30, but the effects of its influence can be felt up to six months after the date of the eclipse. A similar solar eclipse occurred on April 29, 2014, so think about what happened then in your life and how it affected you. This does not mean that the same things will happen, but the area that will be affected will be the same. So if, for example, you experienced a financial disaster then you should be careful with your money and deals. Or if there was something that shook your marriage you should pay more attention to this area, because you may be called upon to make some decisions or some sudden events may upset you. If you want to continue the journey of memories, the last series of eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis occurred from November 2012 to October 2014, from November 1993 to October 1995, from May 1984 to April. 1986 and from May 1975 to November 1976. Like all eclipses, this one creates a tendency for extreme meteorological or geophysical phenomena worldwide depending on the areas most affected.

The symbolism and the faces

The sign of Taurus, which takes place the Solar Eclipse - New Moon, is related to issues related to finances, our values, property, natural and material resources, personal belongings, our confidence, the desire for security, comfort and pleasures and resists change. But this eclipse concerns long-term changes and new beginnings on all these issues. In fact, because at the same time as the eclipse we have the Aphrodite-Zeus conjunction and Aphrodite is the ruler of this eclipse, this makes it even more important as an influence. Also, the eclipse is in conjunction with Uranus, which means that changes can be abrupt and sudden, but also that we can achieve them by finding imaginative and original ways and solutions. While the hexagon that forms with Mars will give us the strength and endurance to achieve change, but also the momentum for the new beginnings we want to make.

The Solar Eclipse - New Moon will put us in the process of re-evaluating our relationship with our money and possessions and discovering what makes us truly happy and gives us satisfaction and joy. Also, look at new ways to increase our income or gain strength and power and do what we can to make improvements and pursue opportunities that benefit us. Taurus governs self-confidence and self-esteem, so we can work to feel more confident about what we do and what we are, and the better we improve, the more confident we will feel about ourselves. So we need to focus on ourselves and make the right moves, to increase our self-esteem and remove people or situations that do not help us move forward or that give us a false sense of security.

The demand and the changes

Sometimes because we are blind or do not want to ruin our shot, eclipses force us to see reality, bringing events that scare us and force us to re-evaluate things. For example, there may be a tax or a forced exit that will lead us to look deeper into our finances and reorganize their management or be forced to relocate or take on the responsibilities of our lives after a loss.

During this series of eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis (from November 2021 to October 2023) we will learn what balance means not only financially, but also emotionally and in what ensures our safety in it. the life. We may need to take steps to manage our finances, debts or taxes, but also to realize whether we are earning what we deserve, both professionally and personally. Eclipses will push us to learn to rely on ourselves and our strengths and to understand that change is necessary for our progress.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus invites us to invest in ourselves, in our talents, in your abilities and not to look for our value through others or through matter. At the same time we must appreciate what we have created and invest in our goals with strong will, stubbornness, consistency and patience. These are the characteristics that we must incorporate in our daily lives and of course to simplify our lives and find happiness in the simple pleasures and activities that bring us in contact with nature and our body.

The Solar Eclipse will fill us with a strong desire for action, however it is important not to rely on and behave selfishly, without considering the consequences of our actions on others. What is required is a healthy self-confidence and not selfishness. The eclipse will bring to light the mistakes of the past, so with prudence and sincerity we must acknowledge our mistakes and make a restart on the right basis. After all, because the eclipse takes place close to the degrees of the Moon's North Link in Taurus, we will feel that through the changes we mature and improve and the participation of Uranus will give us a sense of progress. But these changes should be made in the light of logic and not risk. We will therefore be called upon to decide whether to pursue relationships or goals or whether we should abandon them and devote ourselves to other more appropriate ones.

The eclipse of opportunities

As Aphrodite, the ruler of the eclipse, will be in conjunction with Zeus in Pisces, it will soften some of the most adverse influences and may bring some important opportunity for progress and development. In any case, whatever happens with this eclipse, it seems that in the end it may prove to be beneficial for us. Apart from the opportunities, this eclipse can lead us to the realization of some desires and goals that we had for a long time now.

So let's see how the Solar Eclipse - New Moon in Taurus will affect the 12 signs:


The solar eclipse - New Moon in Taurus puts your finances in the eye and you should avoid taking risks or making hasty moves or agreements related to your money. Try not to make financial transactions and investments during this time, at least not in funds that are not safe or without having studied every detail. The eclipse may bring sudden costs or a debt from the past, for which you were not consistent and left it to chance. Also, do not resort to impulsive shopping and unnecessary shopping just to improve your mood and psychology, because all you will do is get more out of budget. You have to be very careful with your financial management, not to make impressive moves, not to challenge your luck at work, because these are not times for risk. Some people may face some financial loss, either because a work cycle may be completed or because you may lose your wallet or incur some expenses or tensions related to some real estate or legal issues. Financial hardship can make you lose your confidence and shake, but remember that your bank account does not determine your personal worth. However, because there is also the Aphrodite-Jupiter meeting, there may suddenly be an opportunity to give you an extra income, such as using your real estate or getting an inheritance. Whatever happens, you need to be grounded and strict with your finances and remember that you need to protect your health - physical and mental.

You are most affected by the eclipse if you have a horoscope or planets from 8 to 12 degrees in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.


Host the Solar Eclipse that takes place in your zodiac sign on April 30 and you should be armed with patience and perseverance, as all eclipses by October 2023 will be formed on the axis of your zodiac sign with Scorpio. The vibrations have already started from the previous eclipse that took place in your sign on 19/11/21 and now you are called to face another one. This solar eclipse may shake your confidence and fill you with nerves, anger, anxiety and confusion. You may suddenly make some revelations that will upset you and you will not know how to manage them or some relationships and collaborations may reach a turning point and you need to make decisions about their course. You are not a sign that changes, but maybe it's time to move on and leave the weights behind. The longer you resist change, the more events will push you to make them. You do not need to push or get angry and break out. What is needed is realism and composure. Whatever you hear, whatever you learn, no matter how much it affects you, you should manage it with prudence and not with denial, because there may be something very positive behind the apparent extinction. If you judge everything that happens in the heat, then you will certainly not be able to make the right judgments and make the right decisions and you will also harm your health, as stress will cause you problems. Believe in yourself and your potential and do not be afraid of the new. The meeting of Aphrodite, who is besides your ruler and ruler of the eclipse, with Zeus will surely bring you a "gift", as long as you are able to accept it. There may be some opportunities to increase your income, but also to meet new people who will contribute to happiness or success in your life.

You are most affected by the eclipse if you have your Sun from 8 to 12 degrees of your zodiac sign or if you have a horoscope or planets in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius in these degrees.


The Solar Eclipse - New Moon in the sign of Taurus will greatly affect your psychology and your energy levels. Because you are usually immobile and very sociable, these days you may feel like someone has taken out your "batteries" and you are not in the mood for much. You may want to isolate yourself from the hustle and bustle and take stock of what you have done. You may also catch escape trends which you can take advantage of with an excursion or a trip for May Day. Or you may be in a bad mood because of other people and moves that are being made against you at work or at home and you may suddenly learn about them and get frustrated with some people you have trusted in the past, either professionally or personally. All of this can overwhelm you emotionally and bring tension or it can bring your insecurities and fears to the surface. However, the background may be made by you and you may find yourself in a difficult position if your secret plans are revealed or some relationships that are illegal and should be kept secret. Because your brain will be burned by the many thoughts, you need to be careful with your health and fitness. Find creative time for yourself, rest, because as soon as you relax you will find "magic" and solutions to the problems that will arise. The eclipse gives you the opportunity to shake off everything that is worn out and old in your life, to get rid of bad habits and phobias and to see what you have to leave behind, in order to open a new chapter with more health and well-being for you. Make your awareness, trust your intuition and if necessary, say goodbye to people who do not appreciate you or those who do not pay any attention to your feelings.

You are most affected by the eclipse if you have a horoscope or planets from 8 to 12 degrees in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. 


The solar eclipse - New Moon in the sign of Taurus has good and less good news for you. But let's start with the… difficult ones which concern your circle of friends, your collaborators and the people you meet every day. You may feel frustrated by someone's gestures and go through the process of re-evaluating your relationship, or you may learn something about someone of your own and get very upset, lose confidence, and rupture. Also, a conversation with a colleague or friend can get "fired" out of nowhere and you can end up fighting for no serious reason. On the other hand, a loved one may suddenly move away from your life and your daily routine and become upset, either because he or she has been transferred or because he or she is leaving for studies and moving somewhere far away. And now let's go to the good news about your finances and Aphrodite's meeting with Jupiter can bring something positive to your wallet. You may meet a powerful person who will support your efforts and goals, or you may have a sudden income or news for a financial transaction or benefits from a property, which will solve a financial problem you are facing. You may also have positive news for a trip, legal issues or success in your studies.

You are most affected by the eclipse if you have a horoscope or planets from 8 to 12 degrees in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.


The areas of family, home and career are targeted by the Solar Eclipse - New Moon in Taurus and the upheavals, even if for good, will upset you. Some may have a sudden upset in the family environment and need to contribute so that there are no further problems. Others may take care of the house and make a move, a purchase or a renovation or possibly a change of workplace or decide to work from home, either through teleworking or make your home home for your business . No matter how many times eclipses overwhelm us, they always give us the impetus to be active and make changes that will help our progress. This particular eclipse, because Uranus is also involved, may show you the need to become independent, doing your own business or your own family. Career changes can occur and because Aphrodite, who is also the ruler of the eclipse, is in a meeting with the benefactor Zeus, you may have a sudden promotion, an important proposal or you may close a job with a large client if you are a freelancer or you can completely change the subject of work and do something that excites you. On the other hand, the company you work for may suddenly announce that changes or cuts are being made and you may be stressed, but remember that every problem has its solution.

You are most affected by the eclipse if you have your Sun from 8 to 12 degrees of your zodiac sign or if you have a horoscope or planets in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius in these degrees.


The Solar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus can make you more communicative and open your appetite to learn something new, to expand your prospects in your knowledge and evolution. You may also want to travel, arrange your summer vacation now or have contacts with foreigners and abroad either for study or for your pleasure. It may also make you want to read a little more or philosophize a little about the situations around you or resolve a legal issue. The eclipse asks you to pursue your ambitions and say yes to expanding your spiritual horizons. In general, it is not an eclipse negative for you and in any problem that may arise you will be able to cope and be able to help others, such as a friend or relative. Issues related to business proposals, sales, your means of transportation, will concern you more in the coming days and you can have positive results. However, you should be careful not to exaggerate and present yourself and your abilities in bold and unnecessary words, because the truth will soon be revealed and you may be exposed. Also, do not raise your voice in conversations with siblings, neighbors, and people you come in contact with on a daily basis, as you may become more emotional and perhaps more abrupt and abrupt in your behavior and get involved in misunderstandings. Because the sign of Taurus is also related to financial issues, you may now have some hassle or inconvenience from the tax office, insurance or a credit institution and need to see it in more detail. Attention to health issues as well.

You are most affected by the eclipse if you have a horoscope or planets from 8 to 12 degrees in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. 


The Solar Eclipse in Taurus, ruled by the ruler of your sign, Aphrodite, does not come with threatening moods for the representatives of your sign, but there is a footnote and it concerns your finances. In positive scenarios it can mean starting a new source of income, either from a second job or from a change of job and salary, or it can come a bonus or a gift that will make you very happy. On the downside, a debt can suddenly become payable, a loan that is not approved for some reason, a financial contract that breaks or an unforeseen expense that takes you out of budget. Because Uranus is also involved, everything may happen suddenly and unexpectedly, but do not lose your temper, because you will find ways to secure your achievements and you will soon be able to make up for any loss. Property disputes, compensation, bonuses, alimony, loans, financing, premiums, come to the fore and you can catch sea bass if you do the right thing. As long as the influence of the eclipse lasts you will constantly have in mind your finances and you will be looking for ways, opportunities or ideas that could boost your income and add a few extra notes of luxury to your life. You need to pay a little more attention in the field of health, but also in your close relationships and commitments, because this eclipse can work revealingly and you can learn some hidden secrets for people you are related to, either personally or professionally. You need to be careful what you say and how you say it so that you do not have side effects both in the workplace and in your relationships.

You are most affected by the eclipse if you have a horoscope or planets from 8 to 12 degrees in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.


The solar eclipse, which is also the New Moon, takes place in the axis of your sign with Taurus and affects the field of relationships, marriage, collaborations and can bring intense upset. The only sure thing is that there will be changes in your life within the next two years and specifically until the end of 2023, since then the cycle of eclipses on your axis will be completed. As for this particular eclipse, because it involves both Uranus, the planet of revolution and upheaval, and your traditional ruler, Mars, a highly charged atmosphere can be created out of nowhere in your daily life and in your relationships. . Something very disturbing may happen suddenly and you may not be able to tame your nervous system and you may have to make an important decision about the course of a relationship or collaboration or the other party may make that decision for you. You may also find that a person you trust moves behind your back and you feel betrayed. Try to calm down before having any discussion, if you do not want to lead to ruptures. But the scenarios are not only negative, as you may feel intense passion and want to take the relationship one step further or with the momentum and strength you possess to claim a good position in your job and of course better earnings. After all, your modern ruler Pluto forms a magnificent hexagon with Venus and this aspect has something good in store for you, so obstacles will be created for you to overcome, as long as you make the right moves and do not leave behind a scorched earth. from your nerves. And because you will be in a hurry and in the red, you should take more care of your health and your good physical condition.

You are most affected by the eclipse if you have your Sun from 8 to 12 degrees of your zodiac sign or if you have a horoscope or planets in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius in these degrees.


Two areas you should pay attention to with the Solar Eclipse - New Moon in the sign of Taurus and these are the field of work and the field of health and in fact they are interrelated, since the course of one can directly affect the course of the other. Generally, it is not a negative eclipse for your zodiac sign, but that does not mean that you will not be affected even indirectly. There can be changes in the daily routine of work and it can put a lot of pressure on you. For example, a new boss may come and want things to be different, your co-worker may step down and take over your responsibilities, or there may be cuts in the company you work for and you may be stressed and anxiety for the future. But not all scenarios are negative, as something positive can happen that will bring changes in your work routine and differentiate your schedule, after all your ruler Jupiter is in close embrace with Aphrodite and some gift is reserved for you by these benefactors planets. That is, there may be a new job offer now, or you may have a great idea yourself to implement a business move and start searching and running and not getting there. Whatever happens, you should take great care of your health, because overwork threatens you! So you need to make some decisions that will transform your daily life and that will allow you to adopt a healthier diet and exercise program, so that you can cope with the difficulties without straining your body. If you change your routine and acquire new habits you will have more balance and prosperity. But if you neglect yourself and your health, this eclipse may present a problem that prevents you from meeting the demands of the job. You need to make a decision to set a schedule and have a more relaxed daily life that allows you to do things that please you and not just your obligations that exhaust you physically and psychologically. Also, you should be careful about exaggerations in both your food and your self-confidence and not be arrogant and risky in your moves and decisions.

You are most affected by the eclipse if you have a horoscope or planets from 8 to 12 degrees in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.


The Solar Eclipse in Taurus triggers the 5th house of romance, self-expression, love, children, but also the 11th house of reflection that concerns your friendships and the plans you have for your life. The message of the eclipse is clear and wants you to open your heart to happiness and feel love and care, to bring out your creative side and engage in activities that bring you joy and pleasure. You will have a strong desire to have fun, to be passionate and if you are in a relationship that does not meet your needs, then you may decide to end it. New faces may appear in your life suddenly or older situations may return to a romantic level with this eclipse. If you are a parent it is very likely that you will learn something about your children now or something very important will happen in their life. An unexpected pregnancy can also occur. On the other hand, a hidden situation for a romance can be revealed and shock you or you may have some sudden news about either a love affair or a friendly person and you may be upset. Try not to get nervous and keep calm until you know exactly what has happened. Take care of your health and do not take financial risks, especially in gambling.

You are most affected by the eclipse if you have a horoscope or planets from 8 to 12 degrees in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.


The Solar Eclipse - New Moon takes place in Taurus, in a fixed sign like yours, and concerns you directly, since your ruler, Uranus, is in session with the eclipse that activates the career-family axis. So developments on both fronts can be particularly important and perhaps somewhat unpredictable or sudden, but not necessarily negative. For some of you, a partnership or a new job offer may be coming to an end, or you may suddenly decide to change course with your job. Others may be thinking of making a major business start-up and starting their own business and becoming professionally independent. However, something can happen in the workplace, for example, one by one a colleague leaves and you have to fill the gap and this upsets you. On the other hand, the developments may concern the part of the family and the house and you may be forced to move or just deal with the house where you live and renovate it. In the plans may even be a purchase or a change in the workplace. You may also decide to start your own family and look for a home with your partner. However, this is an eclipse and can bring problems and upset to the family environment and there can be quarrels, tensions and disagreements. So pay attention to the way you express yourself and claim, both in family and personal relationships and in business, to avoid any ruptures. Of course, like all fixed signs, you need to be more careful about your health and fitness.

You are most affected by the eclipse if you have your Sun from 8 to 12 degrees of your zodiac sign or if you have a horoscope or planets in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius in these degrees.


The Solar Eclipse - New Moon in Taurus does not come with bad news for you, as at the same time we have the Aphrodite-Jupiter session in your zodiac sign that acts as a safety net in the bad places. So even if an issue suddenly arises to be addressed, you will eventually be able to handle it properly. However, you will be more extroverted these days, more sociable, you will have an appetite for walks and trips and you will have a lot of discussions, travel, financial transactions and maybe suddenly you will receive positive news about a property or something related to inheritance. There may be opportunities in the professional field and if you worked hard in the past, maybe now your efforts will be rewarded and you may be offered a promotion. However, you should be careful with your health, but also in your relationships with siblings, neighbors and people you come in daily contact with, so as not to exchange heavy conversations. The eclipse will intensify your intuition and you should trust it, so if you feel that there are people in your environment who are manipulating you and trying to lower your self-esteem, you should remove them. This eclipse puts you in the process of thinking about your future, your new goals for study or work, to see what you can change, to make it more effective for your life. It may also give you the strength to get rid of people and situations that hinder your progress both in your work and in your life.

You are most affected by the eclipse if you have a horoscope or planets from 8 to 12 degrees in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.