Next Monday's New Moon will be "explosive" for all the signs


From this Monday, October 28, where the "explosive" New Moon of October takes place, this time from the sign of Scorpio and more specifically from 4.25 'of the sign. In this phenomenon we observe the participation of Uranus from Taurus, which forms a face in opposition to the Lights (Sun - Moon), while the traditional ruler of Scorpio, Mars is in a square face with the hard, "punished" Saturn from Capricorn and in cross-section with the "utopian" Poseidon.

New Moon Keywords: Overthrow, Extreme, Disorders, Revolutionary, Overturns, Natural Phenomena / Disasters, Violent events, Surprises, War mood, Rupture, Trial, Instability, Emotional and financial losses, Suffering, Infertility, Happiness, Infertility , Stubbornness, Passion, Renaissance.

Who are affected: The Signs of the Fixed Cross (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) of the first ten days, but more specifically those who are born near April 1, July 25, October 27, January 27. However, those who have personal planets, horoscope or midnight close to the 24th degree of the above signs are also influenced. With this moon, Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn of the 4nd decade and those who have personal planets, horoscope or midnight close to the 2th degree of the above signs also accept strong reflection and trial.

How long does the influence of the New Moon last: The events culminate until 12/11 when the Full Moon takes place in the sign of Taurus and a final form is given on 26/11 when the next New Moon takes place.

In confrontation with passions, mistakes and fears

Every new beginning indicates that there has first been a period of "expiration" or completion, especially in this month where the New Moon takes place in the sign of Scorpio (in the sign where the Moon is in its fall). By "Moon in decline" we mean that the Moon is in a sign that can not positively externalize its properties, which is essentially the "feeling"! The Moon from Scorpio is suspicious, cautious and has her passions, which she keeps well guarded inside her, unable to recognize them! It is in a constant process of control, manipulation and enforcement which is subconsciously expressed, manifests itself harshly, often aggressively and self-destructively and in essence comes from Fear (especially of Loss). Apart from the Sun and the Moon moving in the sign of Scorpio, Hermes (who is in the shadows) and Aphrodite (in weakness from this position) coexist together. During this time, thoughts, feelings and desires are secret, behind the scenes, hidden, but also difficult to understand. We are immersed in the hidden and dark paths of our soul, recognizing passions, mistakes, weaknesses, fears and well-hidden secrets that are now coming to the surface, causing intense effervescence, inner turmoil, pain and trial, but this is the only way to " exorcise "and turn a new page in front of us…

The developments of the New Moon

Apart from the psychological influence of this Moon, during this period there will be aggravating events that will have a difficult influence both collectively and personally. So let's take a look at the trends of this Moon:

Terrorist Attacks
War Climate
Fierce power struggles (conflicts, confrontations, interests)
Problems with the Law
Extreme and cruel human behaviors
Sudden events that disrupt stability and security
"Fire" revelations that will bring the shock of trust in human relationships
Sudden Painful Separations / Splits / Losses
Financial losses (caution is not the right time for investment or risk)
Weak physical condition / tendency to morbidity / attention to accidents
Negative instincts come to the surface
Strong obstacles to the implementation of projects
Dilemmas, confusions, Anger, anger, tension, vengeful behaviors
Starts that will have instabilities and will be short in duration
Lack of understanding and creation of misunderstandings

Every beginning is difficult;

All the above data suggest that the 15 days that open before us from October 28 onwards are difficult and trial. The influence of this Moon will be pervasive around us, even if we do not accept direct influence from the New Moon of the month. Grace, tolerance, patience and self-control can really stand those virtues that will empower us to face this difficult stage. Many fears are confirmed causing upset but also the inability to manage some situations…. But perhaps the message given to us during this period is that every new beginning indicates that there has first been a period of "expiration" or completion; and this expiration / completion may occur in an extreme or eccentric way, but in essence it comes to shake the foundations of what we have maintained so far out of fear, insecurity, weakness, habit or even stubbornness….

How will the New Moon of October affect the 12 Zodiac Signs?


Great instabilities will occur in your finances, especially if you belong to the 1st ten days of your zodiac sign. Liabilities to third parties (loans, banks, tax, inheritance) are now becoming a source of tension, stress and surprise, because otherwise you may have calculated some situations and otherwise they may come to you. Uncertainty about your financial affairs prevails, while you will need to moderate your willingness to take risks or invest. On the other hand, events happen that lead you to reevaluations and emotional. Sudden revelations about your past disturb for good the feeling of security and confidence. If you are an Aries of the 2nd decade, there are reactions, expirations, painful trials in relationships and collaborations. Some of your goals are slowed down and this fact causes you anger and irritability.


The New Moon of the month, from the diametrically opposite sign of yours, Scorpio brings a wave of tension and upheaval in the field of your relationships. The new launches that are taking place now push you to make changes in the way you connect to some people in your stable environment until today. Sudden revelations, dynamic events, awareness and unexpected developments cause a split in your relationship. In this turbulent period, it is like being in a period of "awakening" where you gradually realize that what covered you until yesterday in your relationships, is no longer enough for you. The intense stress for issues related to work, or the physical condition of familiar persons is in the "menu" of this moon for you who have been born in the 2nd ten days.


The New Moon of the month launches a new cycle that brings changes in the rhythms of your daily life and work. Your schedule is shaken, you take on new tasks that disorganize you, you change the way you work until today or there is a buzz in the work sector that exhausts you in every way! Issues related to your physical condition should not be neglected, while it is good to take more care of your diet, exercise and rest! Problems with the pet are very likely to cause tension and agitation. You will need to moderate the exaggeration and follow a more thoughtful action plan. The financial pressures concern you who have been born in the 2nd decade.


The New Moon of the month takes place in your 5th Solar House, giving the message that the new beginnings that are being made now concern the field of love, of the child, of creative designs. For you who are born in the first ten days of your zodiac sign, the New Moon can not be described as "negative", on the contrary it will give surprise and surprise for the areas mentioned above… There may be a sudden new love, a sudden erotic surprise that will fascinate you, however it is good to keep a small basket, because it will not have the steady course you might want. Even creative designs that will arouse inspiration and joy this time around will be marked by instability. The new moon of the month, however, will worry much more you who are born in the 1nd ten days of your zodiac sign. Conflicts in the home, family, and interpersonal relationships, or events that disrupt emotional security, are now becoming a source of bitterness and frustration.


The "New Moon" of October is expected to be quite "provocative" for your zodiac sign, my dear Leo. This moon disturbs the feeling of security, stability and security, for personal, intimate affairs. During this period, sudden events occur concerning the house, the family, the property, while it is very likely that you will be forced by the circumstances to make some spatial change (at home or at work). Family real estate problems, home setbacks or even family conflicts are some of the highlights of this month. His influence, however, will be particularly noticeable on a psychological background, as this time calls for you to release yourself emotionally, from everything you might have thought until today that you were in constant control of. Your needs and desires are gradually changing and the bases you had until today are changing. If you were born in the 2nd decade, pay attention to the movements / in the vehicle and make good management of your time, in order to face the stressful days that follow.


With the New Moon that takes place in the sign of Scorpio, you are in communication vigilance, but it is necessary to show restraint and to manage your communications with "mastery". Sudden news causes you tension and changes your data. Revelations in gossip, secrets, intrigues become the cause of tension. However, there is also your invincible desire to judge, to speak, to decide here and now, often imposing your terms and rules. Agreements that will now be signed will not last long. Pay attention to driving, transport, avoid conflicts with siblings or neighbors and do not make an impulsive decision now that you have not well planned. Stay away from moments when you feel you can't control your words. Take advantage of this period of sudden flashes of ideas.


The New Moon of the month causes you great insecurity both emotionally and financially. Sudden obligations arise now that upset the financial balance and take you off schedule. This is not the time to invest money, or to make a purchase. Financial instability, or a sudden drop in income will be a source of intense stress during this time. It is good to have good management, limiting unnecessary expenses and showing more suspicion in financial proposals / transactions. If you belong to the 2nd ten days of your zodiac sign, there will be pressures, challenges and problems interpersonal and family that will cause anger, tension and frustration.


You are going through the period of your birthday and the New Moon from your zodiac sign, gives you the message that it is time to make changes in your life, changes that you may not have had in the program, but are necessary to get rid of everything fragile . The period that opens in front of you surprises you with its sudden events, its upheavals, sudden changes and splits in your relationships… In all this extreme climate many times, you realize deeper truths that until now you may have ignored, hidden or you did not want to accept. Conditions force you to face fears, passions, mistakes and to be led to your own inner change. People who connect closely leave your life, but there are also opportunities for reforming your relationships or welcoming new people who will accompany you along the way!


With the New Moon that takes place in the sign of Scorpio, you make a "closure" to yourself, you lose for a while the fun, the smile, the optimism and you have more the need to make an account or to close pending issues. The climate can be "heavy" in essence, but during this period, it pushes you to close circles, in order to be led to new beginnings from 26/11. You are in a period of awakening, where revelations are made that disturb your inner harmony. Secrets, lies, behind the scenes are exposed, but you lose your confidence; you now clearly recognize the truth. This period may be quite hazy and lonely, but in fact you discover your inner strengths…


Some of your expectations are blocked and during this time you feel that you do not have the support, help, or if you want the luck to be able to reach the stage of fulfilling some personal plans. Your desires and wants change, but during this time you also have conflicts with your environment, with your partner, friends, or even with children. You discover where you can really rely, but also what you really want. The trials are stronger for you who are Capricorn of the 2nd decade, where you go through a period of crisis, trial, challenge and obstacles both in the professional and in the goals that you have set for your course!


It is known that you seek change, you are subversive, progressive and you have the ease in one and only moment to make a 180 degree turn and make big changes in your life. But there is no need on your part, these changes have been defined by you… But what happens when you have to follow them because it is not done differently? At these moments you realize how "stable" you are and of course it is very difficult for you to accept and compromise in every new condition that is set for you. With the New Moon in the sign of Scorpio, there will be sudden developments that change the course of your career, while there are also reasons for controversy, dispute, division, change at home, in the family at marriage. You change the course of life and even if for the time being you are disorganized, you are freed from everything that stood in the way of your evolution…


The New Moon of October, inaugurates for you a new cycle with pleasant prospects, experiences, knowledge and acquaintances that in essence will bring a substantial renewal in your life! This moon is not considered negative for you, but it is important to use its trends wisely, without rushing to final agreements, or big leaps in life, which can finally lead you to a chaotic situation. New perspectives are offered so that you can develop your knowledge, participate in an educational seminar, start studies or even engage in a philosophical activity. Contacts with abroad or even a long trip are also considered positive. Your worldview changes, new horizons open and you begin to see life differently….