The astrological predictions of Sunday, July 1, 2018



Social gatherings and contacts with friends continue to interest you as the Moon in Aquarius will enhance your need to be with people you love. The square it forms with Jupiter from Scorpio will boost your mood for exaggerations of any kind and so there is a chance that you will be misunderstood even by your friends. Try to keep up appearances and be neither overly friendly and comfortable with people you do not know nor overly friendly with people you know if you do not want to be misunderstood. Find a balance if you do not want to give the wrong samples of your wants, thoughts and opinions to your friendly environment.

Today you will not be in a special mood to deal with your personal life as your friends will play a more important role in your day. Nevertheless, it would be good to avoid exaggerations and dedicate even the least amount of time to him / her. If you are free do not confuse friendship and love because you will be wrong.


Today your attention is still on professional issues and your ambitions will be so necessary for your reputation and recognition that they will "motivate" you to stand out. The Moon is in Aquarius and will intensify your need to make an impression even more. The square it forms with Jupiter from Scorpio will give you an overdose that can have disastrous results in business matters. Today you have to remember that the more you try to impress your boss, the harder it will be to do it. If you do not want to create negative impressions, keep a more discreet attitude and do not catch the eye with your behavior.

Today there may be a mood to exaggerate with your professional obligations in order to escape a social obligation that will be "imposed" on you by your partner! If you are free, try to avoid verbal and other exaggerations that will expose you to the social environment of the person you like.


Your need for spiritual journeys - in case you can not do normally - and quests will be evident today as the Moon from Aquarius challenges you to expand your spiritual horizons. The square that forms with Jupiter from Scorpio can slow down your plans a bit as it will remind you that you have jobs that you should not avoid, and deal with them. If, however, you have chosen to take risks and start making excuses to avoid them, remember that you may be discovered and exposed for it, think about whether it is worth it.

Today, verbal exaggerations are possible, so be careful as they will make the discussions with your partner very difficult. If you are free, a new acquaintance will start in a special way and that will be the reason that will initially interest you.


A photo or a thought that will come to your mind about love and people of the past will be enough to upset you. The Moon is in Aquarius and will create emotional turmoil for you and the square it forms with Jupiter from Scorpio is here to intensify them. In general, it will intensify the excesses of any kind and it is likely to make you lose your temper. Today, in addition to a momentum in excesses, there will also be a momentum in expenses and more specifically in waste, so try to avoid them as it is certain that after a while you will regret any unnecessary purchases.

Today the feelings you have for your partner will be superfluous and this concerns both the good such as love and the difficult such as jealousy! If you are free, the night, if nothing else, foretells eroticism.


Today what will matter to you is what others think since the Moon that is opposite you in the sign of Aquarius and will make you vulnerable to the opinion of your loved ones. The square that forms with Jupiter from Scorpio will emphasize your need to express your feelings to the people who have caused them! Of course you will have a tendency to express them exaggerated and not everyone may like that. It would be good to keep a small basket for today, especially in matters of relationships and collaborations as the exaggerations on both sides will be enough but the essence is a little.

Today your partner can get upset with something small and skip something big so you are called to find the balance in your relationship. If you are free, a new acquaintance will start with impressive moves that should not be persuaded.


Your obligations will be enough and today for this you will have to take emergency measures to shield your body such as a good dietary supplement and some fruits! The Moon is still in Aquarius and the square it will form with Jupiter from Scorpio can make you overreact to any change in your daily plan. The truth is that changes will be a common phenomenon today with the result that you have to make the necessary modifications. Try not to take on more responsibilities than you can handle as there is a risk that you will overestimate your potential and find yourself exposed.

Today you will find a way to become a little exaggerated in terms of daily chores in order to gain a favor you want from your partner! If you are free, be very careful if you intend to flirt at work and you do not want to be noticed!


Today you are determined to dedicate time to yourself as the Moon that is still in Aquarius tells you to prioritize everything that pleases you. The square it forms with Jupiter from Scorpio will lead you to exaggerations and to many cigarettes, drinks and nights out! If you have already found your partner you should be doubly careful as today the temptations will be many and it will be very difficult to resist them! To be sure that you will succeed, avoid drinking so that you can have no excuse, no excuse to yourself afterwards!

Today you will have a mood for exaggeration even in what you will say to your partner but the only thing you will manage with this is to create great expectations on the other hand. If you are free it will be difficult to calm down about an emotional issue so do not push yourself.


The Moon is still in Aquarius and can bring a general upset inside the house as it will highlight the disagreements you may have with your own people. The square it will form with Jupiter in your zodiac sign will give a ton of exaggeration to anything you say or do. Try to collect this need of yours as the excesses will tire not only others but also you. Your over-optimism or pessimism are two sides of the same coin and today it will be very easy to go from one side to the other, creating a general confusion especially towards your own people.

Today you will play a big role in the mood of your partner but it would be good not to take advantage of the influence you have on him. If you are single, a new acquaintance will start with a mood of impression that has nothing to do with reality.


A phone call from a close relative, a coffee invitation from an acquaintance or even a conversation with your neighbor will be the occasion for you to do public relations and take part in conversations that you like so much. The Moon is still in Aquarius and the square it will form with Jupiter from Scorpio can seduce you and make you say a lot and mean even more! This would not necessarily be a bad thing if it were not for third parties which it would be good to leave out of your discussions if they are not up front. Try not to let your tongue run faster than your mind so as not to make mistakes that will put you in a difficult position.

Today your partner will help you focus exclusively on the issues of others as a discussion with him on third party issues will monopolize your interest! If you are single, a new acquaintance can start if you try to relax and not impress.


Your mind is still in financial turmoil and today the Moon in Aquarius invites you to arrange as many of them as you can. The square that forms with Jupiter from Scorpio can make you overestimate your strengths and not manage well a financial deal or something related to your wallet. It would be good today to avoid risks as the day will not favor them and to prefer to move to safer contexts that can help you feel confident.

Today you will tend to be excessive with your partner and this will not help your relationship as it will create tensions. If you are free, try to win the one you want with sincere thoughts and feelings and not with exaggerations that can have the opposite results from the expected ones.


The Moon is still in your zodiac sign and in one way or another you will have the attention of your partners and your partner. Of course this may not be as positive as it sounds as the square it will form with Jupiter from Scorpio can make you catch the attention of others but for the wrong reasons. Pay attention to your behavior and your reactions and leave "out" any kind of exaggeration in what you say in order not to be misunderstood. If you manage to do this then you will have won the bet of the day.

Today it will be easy to get your partner's attention but it is possible to do it for the wrong reasons and not for the right ones. If you are single, exaggerating with someone you have met recently will not help your relationship grow faster, on the contrary.


The thoughts of the last days have created a vicious circle of negative emotions that directly affect your mood. The Moon is still in Aquarius and it will not be easy to avoid looking at your emotions and everything that worries you. The square that will form with Jupiter from Scorpio will cause you mood swings as you will pass from one emotion to another at a fast pace! Try to put in the game and logic as it is the only one that can help you to understand if your worries correspond to reality or are simply the result of excessive thoughts.

Today you will have a strong way to say anything to your partner -especially if you want to complain to him- but this will not help you as it will disorganize it. If you are free, keep a small basket with a recent acquaintance and do not rush to get excited if you do not see some things.

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