The astrological predictions of Thursday, October 24, 2019

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The Moon has moved to Virgo and you are given the opportunity to turn your attention to everyday issues that may have arisen and concern you. It is important to realize that by being anxious and coming into conflict situations with those around you you will not be able to close issues that push you, instead you will feel the stress increase rapidly. Give yourself the opportunity to release this energy through exercise or any kind of exercise that interests you as only then will you be able to balance psychologically and be able to respond to whatever arises without starring in the tensions.

Today the murmurs and whining will not help your personal life, take care not to break out the anxiety you feel your partner. If you are free, the fatigue of everyday life leaves no room for intense foreplay.


The Moon has moved to Virgo, raising your self-confidence and giving you the feeling that you can star in any company you find. An important element of the day is the foreplay as you will not hesitate to enter it dynamically as it stimulates your psychology. It is possible that there will be artistic activities and invitations that will catch your interest and you will want to spend time enjoying them. Just be careful not to get caught up in selfishness because this is something that will cause dissatisfaction among those around you and can spoil the beautiful atmosphere in your relationship.

Today you have the opportunity to enjoy wonderful moments of love and passion with your partner, make the most of it. If you are free, it is possible that a new acquaintance will pique your interest and light up the foreplay.


The Moon has moved to Virgo and your interest is focused on family issues that may concern you or real estate issues that may have come to the fore. The mood swings are intense and can lead to introversion and loneliness, it is good not to relieve those around you of your changing mood as it will affect relationships in the familiar environment. Create the best possible atmosphere in your personal space to welcome like a good host / hostess people close to you, something that you especially enjoy and you can spend pleasant moments together.

Today, romance and tenderness prevail and it is good to create the right atmosphere to have a unique time with your partner. If you are free, the need to be closed to yourself and melancholy leaves no room for foreplay.


The Moon has moved to Virgo intensifying the need to communicate and have fun, something that lifts your spirits. You turn your attention to meeting people close to you as they are what you want to see and talk to. Developments in trade and public relations can be important as you can promote important agreements in these areas due to the quick thinking and persuasion that impresses the people you deal with. Just be careful because you can show nervousness and come into conflict with those around you.

Today you can spend pleasant moments of fun and entertainment with your partner that will work extremely refreshing in your relationship. If you are free at social events or parties, new acquaintances are possible as you impress with your communication temperament. 


The Moon has moved to Virgo focusing your attention mainly on financial transactions and bills that may be pending and creating insecurity and stress. At the same time, however, the tendency for waste is strong, so you should curb them as it can take you out of budget. Take care not to show intense stubbornness and intransigence in your personal life because they are the ones that can energize the atmosphere with your partner. It is important to enjoy calm moments with relaxed company, something that fills you and helps you escape from fears and lack of confidence.

Today a romantic candlelit dinner will be ideal for you and your partner as it will lead to highly erotic moments. If you are free, new acquaintances are possible that will intensify your passion and sensuality, creating your intense security and self-confidence.


The Moon has passed in your zodiac sign intensifying dynamism and energy as it leads you to take initiatives and decisions that can play a decisive role both personally and professionally. New acquaintances are likely to lead to collaborations. Make sure you express what you need from others so that you can enter new processes and be satisfied. Of course, it is good to be in the mood to listen to those around you because your subjectivity and divisive mood will create tensions.

Today you can express with confidence what you claim from your personal life and be sure that your partner will be there to listen to you. If you are free, new acquaintances are possible since no one can resist your charm.


The Moon has moved to Virgo making more intense than ever the need to isolate yourself from those around you as the melancholy is intense. The fact is, however, that day-to-day obligations run rampant and can exacerbate potential insecurities that lead to mistakes due to carelessness and blurred thinking. Situations from the past come to mind and you are called upon to face memories and traumas can still hurt you. Take care not to be left in the introversion that sinks your psychology and turn your interest in the arts to an internal process that can help you balance. 

Today tenderness and romance prevail, just make sure you do not have emotional outbursts and frustration in your partner. If you are free, people from the past can come back and create an emotional storm.


The Moon has moved to Virgo and you focus on having a good time with your friends as what you are mainly interested in is meeting people with whom you can discuss ideas and thoughts you have. Goals and ambitions come to the fore, possibly to have people from the friendly environment who will help you in your every endeavor. Just try not to be too vindictive with people who do not agree with you as arrogance and nervousness will create intense confrontation and coldness with people who have been close to you until now.

Today, having a good time with your partner and your company is something that will create beautiful moments on a personal level that will work refreshingly for your relationship. If you are free / it is possible to meet new people through a friendly environment, the important thing is that common ideas and opinions can bring you closer.


The Moon has moved to Virgo focusing your interest mainly on your professional life and possible pending obligations or chores that you have and need to settle. Make sure you take advantage of the specific conditions to be able to develop at all levels, especially in terms of professional development that may interest you. At the same time it is good not to let stress dominate because it can cause intense conflicts on a professional level with people important in your career. Your method and the responsibility you show are impressive.

Today, make sure that the tension you feel due to professional obligations does not spread in your personal life because the consequences will be unpleasant. If you are free / new acquaintances may occur, their presence will be important on a personal and professional level. 



The Moon has moved to Virgo, raising your mood to new heights as it creates intense optimism, joy and a mood for fun. The need to deal with spiritual issues can turn your interest to studies and seminars that concern you intensely. Faces of the wider relative and friend of the environment make their appearance and it is not excluded to be with them to have fun and have a good time. Take care to limit the fanaticism with which you support your views because it is the one that will lead to extreme behaviors and conflicts.

Today, joy and fun are the protagonists, a short getaway in the countryside will be ideal for you and your partner. If you are free, you have fun with your soul, your humor is the protagonist wherever you are and it stimulates the interest of new acquaintances.



The Moon has passed in Virgo and the irritation that governs you from the morning is intense as insecurities and phobias awaken in your mind and it is not easy to manage them. Financial issues in relation to third parties and business activities come to the fore and can be of great concern to you. Be sure to listen to your intuition as it is the one that can uniquely guide you to the best possible financial solution for you. Intense is the passion you feel and the need to get closer than ever with your partner, of course it is good to manage the suspicion and jealousy that will only create problems in your relationship.

Today transform the worries into lust and excitement and it is certain that you will spend unique moments with your partner. If you are free / new acquaintances there may be tension you will feel will be unprecedented and emotions will not be easy to control. 


The Moon has moved to Virgo and you are mainly focused on your interpersonal relationships as it is important for you that harmony prevails on a personal and professional level. This may lead you to suppress your personal needs, be careful not to do it because usually it leads you to endure situations that do not suit you. Focus on sociability, foreplay, willingness to take care of yourself because it is what will raise your psychology and get you out of possible insecurities and fears that you have hidden inside you.

Today eroticism is intense in your personal life and the need for companionship prevails in your relationship. If you are free, new acquaintances are possible because you are flirting and flirting and this arouses the interest of those around you.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from