Until 29/10, Mercury in Libra affects the relationships of all signs

After several weeks in practical and earthy Virgo (initially retrograde and then direct), Mercury, the planet of communication, movement, most of our contacts and transactions and a direct indicator of our daily life, passes from today 11/10 until 29/10 for the second time in Libra, bringing back to the fore issues that occupied us last month in order to provide satisfactory solutions.


Let's see how Mercury in Libra will affect us all from 11/10/2022 to 29/10/2022


For the second time this fall, Mercury takes a position in the area of ​​relationships and partnerships in your life, highlighting the importance of your contact with others, on a personal or professional level. Like it or not, throughout this period until almost the end of October, "others" will play a more important role in your life. Looking to find a relationship, sharing some hours with your friends, joining forces with your partners to increase your productivity can only be positive. This time try to do it more correctly than the September period. Speak up, express your opinion, but also listen carefully to the other side. The point is to find solutions that satisfy everyone. After all, the motto of this period, when at the same time we have both the Sun and Venus in Libra, is: strength in unity!


Hosting Mercury for the second time in autumn from 11/10 to 29/10 in the area of ​​everyday life, work and fitness and health, it is certainly not an easy transit as the volume of contacts and transactions increases your. You may have a million things to do every day, the phone keeps ringing, the emails and texts come in a flurry, and you are suffocated by obligations and responsibilities. What can help you is attention to detail and a good preparation in whatever you undertake to do. If in September something in the workplace did not work as you wished, whether it concerns your working relationships, the scope of your work, productivity, now will be your chance to change and improve it. But Mercury here is also sounding the alarm in health matters. You need to rest more, eat healthier and most of all sleep to cope. If you've given up on your health care, it's time to start over.


The entry of your ruler Mercury for the second time in the autumn in your friendly Libra, activates a particularly lucky, fun and creative sector in your horoscope. Everything related to love, flirting, dating, fun, children, fame and your creative plans will be highly favored from now until 29/10. If in September you faced difficulties, problems or obstacles in the above subjects, now you will have your chance to correct the wrong words. So, if you wish to have an offspring or research topics related to IVF or other methods, you can now have positive findings. Communication with younger people or your children will also be better. If you do a job that has public contact, your stock may now rise and you may find success.


The position of Mercury in Libra for the second time in autumn (the first was from 26/8 to 23/9), which it occupies from 11/10 to 29/10, is not particularly easy for your emotional and water sign. It directs your attention more to your personal matters and matters concerning the family and the home. You may need to work more of the home area or you may be more involved with the house or property itself. It is a positive period to smooth over differences and communicate more meaningfully and deeply with people from the family environment. But, on the other hand, it also creates a context of confusion in your daily contacts, which hardly leaves much room for your emotion to win over objectivity. That is why it is good not to be impulsive in your decisions.


The entry of Mercury into Libra for the second time this autumn comes to somewhat smooth your outward image and perhaps show a more charming and sensitive face in your contacts with others. So if you've made everyone think you're unapproachable, it's an opportunity to show your other side, that of empathy. Listen more to what friends, colleagues, people around you have to say, become more active on social media, communicate your ideas and thoughts in every way. If in September you faced problems either in communication, in negotiations or even in your movements, now you are given the opportunity to improve everything.


The entry of Mercury into Libra for the second time, from today until 29/10, puts you in a process of thinking about what is really important to you in your life, to see more deeply and meaningfully your values, but also to deal diligently and in their detail with the matters of your finances. How could you increase your income, what else can you do to find new resources, how can you exploit a space or a property to give you some income or maybe an idea you have? On the other hand, you have to see on a professional level as well how much the work you do covers you and if it corresponds to your own values. If in September you felt at times losing your self-confidence, because things did not work out as you wished, especially in the professional and financial areas, now you will have the opportunity to turn around the difficulties and strengthen the belief in yourself and your abilities.


The entry of Mercury into your sign, which usually happens once a year and always close to your birthday, but this year due to its retrograde course it happens for the second time, is the best time to sharpen your communication skills, to talk, to write, to communicate in every way your ideas, thoughts and feelings. If you have long been waiting to have a dialogue with an important person in your life, either personally or professionally, this is the right time you have been waiting for. Although the period when Mercury passes through our sign is intertwined with more stress and a more demanding everyday life, it is at the same time a particularly productive period and quite pleasant with contacts and meetings on a social level.


In the 12th house of your Solar horoscope, Mercury for the second time this autumn, it is true that it cannot be very helpful, as it can confuse you. It's a more emotional and "closed" period for you until 29/10, which basically invites you to complete past backlogs and make decisions about what has been started in the past, whether it's a relationship or a job. Now you need to take a closer look at the situation and see if you need to complete something or stop it because it is a dead end. Also, here Mercury can show behind-the-scenes and secret discussions or negotiations. It also pushes you to pay more attention to health and fitness. The only thing that needs attention during this period is the background and the introversion that can often get you in the thick of it.


In the area of ​​friends, partners, and your goals, Mercury is passing for the second time this fall, and this if nothing else shows that in the next period you will be even closer in contact with the people you work with, you have common interests and goals or you are united by a purpose. Of course, you should be careful, as the roles will not be distinct either, and on the other hand, if there were problems in a professional or friendly relationship from the previous month, they may come to the fore again for you to resolve. If you feel that something is not working in one of your goals and it is not yielding the expected results, maybe you need to revise or set other goals that are more achievable for you. In any case, with the accompaniment of Venus and the Sun from Libra, this period can only be positive and certainly particularly social.


Mercury takes a position in an opposite sign to yours in Libra, for the second time this fall due to its retrograde course last month, clouding your judgment a bit, so don't jump to conclusions, especially in matters of the career. In the coming weeks, until the end of October, it seems that you will enter into a process of analyzing the course of your life in the long term. See if you should continue in a certain direction professionally or change course. Don't get caught up in egos and don't ask for help or advice. Someone in your friendly or professional environment may have the solutions. Also, be aware of the rumors you hear or read and do not uncritically pass them on to others especially in the workplace.


Mercury in your friendly sign of Libra for the second time in the fall is not such a difficult influence for your own sign or ascendant. On the contrary, it is a positive transit if you want to engage in a subject that will give you knowledge, sit down at the desk again, if you want to learn something new, enroll in a seminar, find a new hobby or even make the future long-term your business plans. Just be receptive to the different. Also, if you are interested in a means of transportation now is a good time to research it. If in the above matters you encountered difficulties or postponements and delays in September, now you will have the opportunity to correct the wrong words.


The position of Mercury in Libra for the second time in autumn from today until 29/10 is not very helpful for your own sign or horoscope, as it will be in a much more introverted and closed sector of your horoscope, which disturbs the emotional your world, your deep relationships, your psyche, but above all the financial sector. If there is anything positive about this transit, it is to talk clearly about your feelings with your partner, friends or close relatives, or to settle outstanding financial matters. Watch out for bills that may be bloated during this period, check deeply on the commitments you have made, and above all, try to treat yourself as compassionately and tenderly as you do others. Trust your intuition, do some research regarding investments and general financial data and with the help of Venus and the Sun conjunct Mercury, maybe the end of the month will close with a positive sign for your finances.

Source: asibiliou.gr