The astrological predictions of Monday 1 August 2022

The Sun forms a trine with Jupiter, there will be lucky openings, in matters of a professional nature, the conditions for initiatives will be favorable. Relationships improve, partnerships will have an efficient result. The characteristics will be optimism, mood for new ventures, actions will be coordinated, there will be rationality and prudence.


You start your month and day energetically and optimistically with the Sun forming a trine aspect to Jupiter, offering you opportunities for growth and development. Although your mind is thinking of vacations and relaxation, circumstances and developments activate your ambitions. The relationship with your loved one may need more care and giving than you, so take initiatives and don't leave things to their fate. If you are single, you have a need for reassurance and this raises your mood for play and flirting.

Today is predicted to be a bit contradictory and stressful and you should keep your cool. Some decisions made by others contradict your own plans. Take advantage of the delays in work and work out some details better. The way you express yourself tonight to your partner needs attention. Either you don't speak well or he doesn't understand your words correctly. You who are alone, stop whining and fill your time with pleasant activities.

Difficulty concentrating and your emotional charge today make your day complicated and tiring. That's why he avoided important appointments and decision-making. Trust your business ideas. Even if you don't trust them today, don't invalidate them or question them. Unlock and express your feelings tonight to your romantic partner. You who are alone, fatigue and monotony have taken over you and lead you to wrong assessments.

Take a positive attitude today towards the new facts that arise in your life. Think and work alternately until you understand what is happening and what is in your best interest. Your appetite and mood for creativity at work makes you efficient and extremely quick in your movements and actions. Your honest attitude towards your partner is making up for lost ground tonight. You regain his trust and this restores the balance in your relationship. You who are alone, seek contacts with friends whose everyday life and problems have distanced you.

Your energy is particularly high today, which is why you can accomplish a lot. What you should pay attention to is the way you communicate. Do not involve emotions in work. Don't forget that times are difficult and everyone looks out for their own interests. The charm and magnetism you radiate cannot leave your partner indifferent. Chance to renew your love life tonight. You who are alone, better look in your mirror and consider who could resist you.

Defensive responses and moves today will not only not bring results, on the contrary, they will complicate the situation even more. Allay your insecurities and worries and judge the facts objectively. Some new job offers may seem particularly tempting, but you should be careful and selective with your commitments. Take care of your home, family and partner tonight and have a great time. You who are alone, busying yourself and arranging your personal spaces will make you feel better.

Check your tendency today to misinterpret everything you hear and think twice before you answer. Do not let your attention be distracted by what is happening around you at work. Stay loyal and committed to what until yesterday filled you with optimism and strength. Clearly articulate your emotional needs to your partner and don't confuse him further. You who are alone, take care to get rid of your company and association with pessimistic people.

Avoid misunderstandings, disagreements and tensions today. A bit of your psychology, which is not at its best, a bit of the incoherence that prevails around you, create confusion for you.
Don't exhaust yourself and risk your health with so much work. Tone down a bit and relax. After all, August is ideal, according to tradition, for rest and a bit of laziness. The understanding you show your romantic partner can only work positively in your relationship. You who are alone, unexpected events will bring pleasant situations and positive changes in your life.

Time to praise yourself for what you have overcome and achieved so far. Time to stop the harsh and bad criticism. After all, the developments day by day clearly prove that you have regained absolute control. Your emotions create indecision and dilemmas at work. Look after your own interests and not those of others. After a storm comes sunshine, and so in the relationship with your partner. You who are alone, take advantage of the good atmosphere and your good mood and make sure to raise your self-confidence.

Satisfy your need for some relaxation and rest today and do things for yourself. You will get real satisfaction and recharge your batteries if you stay at home a little longer and deal with your loved ones. If you don't receive positive comments and compliments at work, don't be disappointed. Just know that you have surprised and impressed with your capabilities and something good is being cooked behind your back. Open up more to your partner in order to actually gain his interest. You who are alone, don't be so impatient. Luck is on your side and it is preparing something good for you.

Stay firm in your goals and opinions and don't fall for those who want to distract you and take advantage of your ideas. Gain the trust of your colleagues and superiors at work. Show your dynamism, confidence and skills. Invitations and surprises await you tonight from your partner. So empty your mind of what is tormenting you and enjoy the evening. If you are single, don't be surprised if someone from your past asks you for another chance.

The Moon and Venus prepare their forces and ensure you a pleasant and creative period. You still don't have a complete picture of your work aspirations and movements, so it's better to wait before reaching decisions and finalizing new agreements. Find alternative solutions to the things that create problems and disagreements with your partner. You who are alone, get over yourself and enjoy new acquaintances and intense flirting.