The astrological predictions of Monday, September 12, 2022

The Moon is in Aries, the characteristics are self-confidence, spontaneity, the need for liberated actions. There will be openings for new acquaintances, approaches will be direct and pleasant, in the emotional field the prospect of starting a new relationship will be open. In matters of a professional nature, proposals, ideas and thoughts will be formulated with potential, well-documented opinions will find fertile ground for implementation.


While the ability to concentrate today is difficult for you, it is a good time to seek information. Today's actions do not bring clarity, but produce feelings of dissatisfaction that prompt you to make major changes. It can be hard to focus on facts and figures, making it a better day for freeform activities though. Emotionally, you feel that something is not right in the relationship with your romantic partner, but you don't find the courage to talk to him about it. You, who are single, have the ability to flirt as long as you want to.

Today you want some consistency and support, especially from your family environment. Decisions are not easy to make as the alternatives make you afraid of losing. Your need for security may conflict with your need to grow, develop, and expose yourself to new ideas and experiences. Try as much as you can to appear consistent towards your romantic partner. You who are alone, stop whining and make sure you have a good time.

Today you may overestimate your abilities or underestimate a situation. For this it would be better to avoid important decisions and actions, as there are important details that are very easy to ignore at this time. Stop thinking and enjoy the evening with your beloved partner. You who are single, it is time to identify the past mistakes in your emotional life and change tactics.

The day can evoke passionate feelings. Values ​​and opinions may conflict with others, so it is better to keep an emotional distance from people you feel are bothering you. Put the right priorities in work and do not focus on less essential issues and activities. Your mind wanders and your romantic partner may start to protest. You who are alone, do things that will help you relax.

Today's actions are not ideal for clarity or a sense of progress. Small obstacles you face now may require small changes and improvements that will help you in the long run. Do not take a position in discussions or plans in work as important details are missing. Jealousy and possessiveness are bad advisors for your love relationship. You who are single, be content with flirting and don't commit emotionally.

The Moon spends most of the day in your performance sector and serves as a reminder to organize and prioritize. You may also be worrying about a bad choice in the past or a mistake that has been made. Time to take initiatives in the relationship with your romantic partner and make your dreams come true. You who are alone, remarkable opportunities can lead you to fulfillment.

Constructive management of your energy today may not be easy, but if it is not necessary choose to take a break. There may also be misunderstandings or confusion regarding friendships or work. Insecurities may surface and there may be some doubts or worries that prevent you from taking action. Your obsessions do not let you enjoy the company of your beloved. You who are single, the flirting and persistence of a fan boosts your confidence.

The Moon continues for most of the day to encourage you to take time to understand yourself and recent events. It's the time of the Lunar month to listen and stay with your feelings instead of dismissing them. Take a breather from professional concepts and obligations and rest. The devotion of your romantic partner frees you from your emotional insecurities. You who are alone, the meaningless flirting seems to have tired you and now you need something stable in your life which is not long in coming.

The Moon transits your partnership sector for much of the day, and areas of your life that are out of balance are more apparent. The search for more harmony is now your need. Your indecisiveness at work is likely to cause mistakes. The day passes beautifully with the company of your loved one. You who are alone, your good mood makes you stand out and win fans.

Emotional sensitivities are brought to the surface by planetary actions. You tend to notice small problems in your life and there is a tendency to worry. So avoid over-analyzing and make sure you have a good time. If you are not sure about a professional matter it is better to express an opinion under the current circumstances. Let go a little emotionally with your romantic partner in order to make him feel more secure. You, who are alone, are extremely selective about new acquaintances.

If you have trouble concentrating, you may need to step away from a situation to see and assess it better. Your increased creativity at work brings the results you seek. Passion and romance in the relationship with your romantic partner add interest to your day. You who are single, enjoy the conquests, the intense flirtation and the relaxed rhythms that prevail these days.

Today's actions intensify your need for extra rest. The Moon most of the day in the family sector urges you to spend time with them and have a good time with them. The time of reward in labor is very near. Do something different today with your romantic partner. You who are single, prepare for important acquaintances and changes in your emotional life.