The astrological predictions of Monday 17 October 2022

The Moon is in Cancer, the emphasis will be on personal relationships, emotional balance, securing and securing. Conditions will be favorable to normalize relations and contacts, meetings will be stimulating, discussions will have the possibility of clarifications.


Today's energies are powerful for solving problems. There is great strength at your disposal in the form of mental focus and determination. Try to use it for good and avoid stubbornness that only leads to frustration or possible mistakes. Do not get stuck on small details in the relationship with your loved one and create coldness between you. You who are single, claim the person you are interested in as your charm is irresistible. 

Today's energies inspire you to enjoy yourself, but as the hours go on there is a tendency to either dwell on a problem or opinion, or to explore a topic more carefully. Show consistency in your work obligations, even if you have to work a little longer. Promises and big words that cannot be fulfilled towards your loved one will expose you. You who are single, flirting boosts your self-confidence. 

As the day progresses thoughts tend to dominate and you tend to think deeper and more meaningfully. Your well-being can disrupt your work environment literally out of thin air. Learn to listen or accept the opinions of others and maybe it will work out for you. You become overprotective of your romantic partner and this may tire him. You, who are alone, have a tendency to reminisce about the past and this will lead you to a sweet melancholy. 

While the moon moves into your 3rd solar house and fills you with intense energy, it affects your thoughts making them sharper. Use your smart ideas at work and support them without being provocative. Your attitude towards your romantic partner creates insecurities and possibly oppressive assertiveness. You being single, rekindling a karmic past love is a very likely scenario. 

Today you may feel a strong desire to be efficient in the field of work and health. Just watch out for your tendency to exaggerate which can bring the opposite results from the desired ones. Your day at work is developing pleasantly and creatively. You have a sensual day ahead of you with your romantic partner. You, who are alone, are tired of meaningless flirting and are now looking for something more stable and permanent in your life. 

Today your emotional needs and desires are at your greatest focus. Although you may start your day with your mind racing, as the hours pass you become more focused. You may be fascinated by an issue that seems to be begging for resolution or further investigation and move to immediate and drastic solutions. Enjoy the passion and feeling with your romantic partner. You who are alone, stay grounded in the face of new acquaintances. 

Today you are looking for more rest. Tomorrow you will seek more interaction. As the day progresses you tend to look for answers. Conversations revolve around family, the past, emotional issues or family life. Avoid mistakes at work due to haste or excitement. You feel stressed and tend to lash out at your romantic partner. You who are alone, your interest turns to the past. 

The Moon spends another day in your social sector and you pay more attention to relationships and happiness goals. A complicated matter may arise that requires your full attention later today, or your mind may get stuck in a dilemma. Your work skills are impressive. Your romantic partner has a tendency to complain and be jealous. Calm him down and don't get upset. You who are single, enjoy the flirting that boosts your confidence, but don't get excited. 

While the day may start with some anxiety, as time goes on a topic or thought will keep you alert and eager. The desire to get to the bottom of a case is strong, but you have to move step by step. You have managed to stabilize your career path. You are in the mood to confess and order to your romantic partner. You who are alone, your conquests increase regardless of whether they satisfy you. 

Your goal today is to take advantage of any opportunity that will bring a new perspective to a problem. Your words have more weight and influence, so it would be good to watch out for exaggeration. Show responsibility in what you have undertaken at work. Keep your nerves and tantrums at bay with your romantic partner. You who are alone, a certain person distracts you and probably comes from your intimate environment. 

A lot is happening today in your private life or in your inner world. You may have the answer to a complicated matter or understand an important event from the past. This will change your mental direction or course. Despite the fact that the day is characterized as difficult at work, you manage to respond. Control your jealousy and selfishness towards your loved one. You who are alone, your intuition leads you in the right direction. 

You look for ways to improve, to learn, so you can overcome a problem. The discussions and ideas emerging today can help create turning points especially in the workplace. Delays and maybe some setbacks are temporary so don't stress any more. Rekindle the passion in the relationship with your loved one. You who are alone, don't dwell on the wrapper but on the essence.