The astrological predictions of Monday, March 20, 2023

The Sun forms a hexagon with Pluto, an aspect that will help boost optimism and potential. Substantial approaches will be made both in matters of a professional nature and in matters related to emotional life. Conditions will be favorable for changes and reforms, there will be a possibility for emotional and practical rebirth. In the professional field, collaborations will be constructive, methodical pursuits will have a positive result and lead to improvement.



Krie, the day turns your attention to issues that may concern the family. Conversations flare up with familiar faces and what you need to show is ample understanding to avoid tensions. Remember that mood swings will not help you provide solutions.

Professional - financial 

Use the day to sort out trade and communication issues as you can see great results. Their positive development will be seen on a financial level as you can take a big breath that will satisfy you.

You have the opportunity to clarify issues that have occupied your relationship in the past and to spend beautiful moments of joy with the person next to you. If you are single, the person from the past is likely to contact you wanting to resolve any outstanding issues that have taken you away.


Taurus, your mood rises during the day as you feel your self-confidence and dynamism increase. You can get in touch with people from the immediate environment to have a good time and have fun. The humor and fun that distinguishes you make you a protagonist.

Professional - financial

The dynamism that characterizes you plays a decisive role in professional choices and especially in commercial transactions. You have the opportunity to provide solutions and submit proposals that will be used to the fullest. It is possible to move nearby for business reasons.

Sensuality and passion dominate your relationship and create the conditions for you to spend unique moments of fun with your partner. If you are unattached, it is not excluded that a new person will come into your life through the companies that will launch the interest to the heights.


Gemini, the emotion that possesses you in the afternoon leads you to the family and the environment where you feel safe. Conversations with familiar faces help you to get out of the mood and feel confident. Your psychology goes up and the conversations help you to escape from ups and downs.

Professional - financial

Real estate issues may arise in the afternoon that will give you the opportunity to show with quick moves that you can make the best possible decisions. The profits from possible deals will satisfy you completely and will help you to breathe.

Expressing what you feel in your partner relieves you of psychological burdens and creates stability and solid foundations in the relationship. If you are unattached, it is possible for an acquaintance to emerge through a familiar friendly environment that will help you overcome any insecurities that bother you.


Cancer, you have the opportunity to express with dynamism and determination the plans and ideas you want to realize. However, your impulsiveness can lead you to make mistakes that will bother you, so it is imperative to filter very well what you want to say before speaking.

Professional - financial

Take initiatives at the level of collaborations as it is certain that you can easily understand what is in your best interest and what is not. You should be careful due to your final mood as this can annoy your partners and lead to conflicts that will only create problems.

You have the opportunity to spend wonderful moments of passion and tenderness with your partner that will help you overcome any issues that may have been bothering you lately. If you are single, you can communicate with a person from the past who creates an ideal context in your personal life with his return.


Leo, you enter an internal process as you seek to isolate yourself from everyone and focus on thoughts about the past and traumas that come to the surface. Pay attention to everyday life as mistakes can expose you due to your carelessness.

Professional - financial

Outstanding issues come to the surface and can bother you and create stress. It is important to get out of your bad mood and focus on practical issues. This will help you balance and close any outstanding issues without making mistakes.

You have the opportunity to have fun with the person who plays an important role in your life in friendly groups, this will significantly renew your relationship. If you are single, it is possible for him / her to come in contact with a person from the past through a friendly environment that will seek to fully satisfy your needs.


Virgo, the mood to communicate with friendly people prevails, so you seek to be in groups where you can express your views and original ideas. Beware of arrogant behaviors that will annoy and create tension in whatever environment you are in. 

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to promote your plans and ambitions as you enjoy the support of people who believe in you and your ideas. Close that financial issues may concern you from the past as this will help you feel great relief.

You are given the opportunity to be completely left to your partner and to create a dreamy atmosphere between you that will work redemptively for the relationship. If you are unattached, the return of persons is not excluded, which will upset you and remind you of beautiful moments.


Libra, you have the opportunity to focus on plans and discussions in the wider social environment as it is important for you to evolve and succeed. But be careful not to be harsh and absolute in your ideas as this will greatly annoy you.

Professional - financial

Your professional life can go through a significant period of positive developments as your plans have the potential to evolve. Use the maturity and method that distinguishes you to show your superiors your true intentions and abilities.

Fun and optimism overwhelm the relationship and create the conditions for unique plans that you can launch with your partner. If you are unattached through the wider environment there can be a return of a person who will fill you with joy with his interest.


Scorpio, the day lifts your spirits as it is important for you to star in groups and in the wider family and friendly environment. But you should remember that negligence and arrogance can cause you problems, so you will do well to be restrained. 

Professional - financial

You can shine on a professional level as you have the confidence and the mood to work hard to achieve your goals. It is a fact that this will bring you closer than ever to great developments, such as improving your income.

Passion takes off in your personal life and you have the opportunity to leave behind suspicion and insecurities that may have plagued your relationship lately. If you are single / the person from the past can come back creating intense emotional upset, give him a chance to really see what he wants from you.


Sagittarius, do not allow the stress of the day to overwhelm you and affect your psychology. In the midst of many obligations you can have a good time and find the right people who will help you express everything that you carry inside you and that may bother you.

Professional - financial

Your instinct helps you make the right professional decisions as you know what you need to do to succeed. It is important for you to discuss your financial rewards and there may be many opportunities that will create the right conditions to get closer to your financial goals.

Passion is not missing from the relationship and this is enough for important discussions with your partner that will help you overcome fears and cruelty. If you are unattached through the professional environment there may be a new person who will come into your life to create a multitude of emotions.


Capricorn, what mainly satisfies you is to communicate with those around you and to balance relationships that have probably gone through forty waves in the past. Be careful only because submissiveness leaves no room to cover your own needs.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to enter into collaborations that are important to you as you quickly and immediately realize what satisfies others and what you can accomplish for yourself. Diplomacy will work extremely well and will help you get the best possible result for your professional development.

The passion and the need to become one with your partner helps to leave behind possible details that may bother you in the daily life of your relationship. If you are unattached, it is not excluded that there will be a return of a person who will vibrate the atmosphere for good with his appearance.


Aquarius, the day increases your need to deal with everyday issues that may be bothering you. But you have the opportunity with the quick perception that distinguishes you to give immediate and effective solutions that will relieve you at all levels.

Professional - financial

Work-level discussions play a leading role as you show that you can immediately understand how to move forward to provide the best possible solutions. Beware of obsessions and criticism that can annoy those around you and create unwarranted tensions.

The unique moments that you can dedicate to your partner will have a very refreshing effect on the relationship and will provide solutions to issues that may have caused turmoil with your partner. If you are single, it is possible for a person from the past to return who will fill you with joy and happiness with his presence in your life.


Pisces, the need to balance the important relationships in your life is intense and this leads you to possible compromises that do not cover you. But you can discuss and show what your real intentions are and what it is that covers you. Be confident that you will find a response. 

Professional - financial

The determination you show can help you overcome any problems you face with your partners and move forward with your plans. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of opportunities that may come your way in your career to lead you to success.

Excellent communication with your partner helps you to overcome the insecurities you may have and to see the positive side of life and love. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance from the job that will come into your life to give you joy and raise your psychology.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from