The astrological predictions of Monday, September 20, 2021



Krie, your self-confidence can be shaken as you feel that you are finding obstacles in the development of your goals. It is important not to be disappointed and to believe in yourself, creating with dynamism the conditions for important steps that will bring you closer to your dreams.

Professional - financial

There may be professional reshuffles that will affect you significantly both psychologically and in terms of your income. You may be asked to work harder to achieve your goals, which can put you in the process of questioning what you really deserve.

The great mood that exists in your personal life will help you to overcome any personal doubts. Your partner is here to support you and lift your spirits. The unattached can get in touch with a person who fills you with joy as the games of the mind help you find your fun.


Taurus, the memories of the past come to the surface with intensity and you are called to face repulsions and guilt that disrupt your psychology. You have the opportunity to work reborn and put aside the fact that it hurts you by trying for something better in the future.

Professional - financial

You should be wary of commercial deals that come to the fore again as it is possible that there are people who want to win at your expense. It is not the best day for important decisions that will affect your business as delusions and insecurities prevail.

Your sensitivities can have an uncontrollable effect on your mood, negatively affecting your relationship and the atmosphere in your personal life. The unattached are suffering from intense introversion and suspicion that leave no room for solving face-to-face issues from the past.


Gemini, introversion becomes more intense than ever as the day does not help you get rid of introversion. The things you have experienced have decisively stigmatized you and play a role in your personal development.

Professional - financial

If you work in a team, you will definitely be able to take the right steps to get closer to your ambitions. The environment you rely on will help you achieve the goals you have set in the best possible way. But note that you have to try hard.

You want your personal space to be a relationship without upsetting its balance and this is something you will claim from your partner. The unattached have the opportunity to come in contact with a person who opens new horizons in front of you and creates a framework of stability in your life.


Cancer, the day can raise suspicions and insecurities that will shake your friendships for good. Make sure you show maturity in your behavior as it is not excluded that the controversies you will cause will lead to distancing yourself from people who are important to you.

Professional - financial

Your business plans seem to find obstacles as it is possible that there is financial involvement that does not help their development. Make sure you close issues that are pending and concern you as these will give the impetus needed to really show the potential you have.

Your partner understands the worries you may have and helps with tenderness and romance to ease your mood. The unattached is likely to come in contact with a person who creates a wonderful atmosphere between you and seems ideal to become your partner.


Leo, the day can significantly affect your mood as you are possessed by gloom and doubts about what you can accomplish. Contact with people from your wider environment will help you balance and see with optimism any of your efforts.

Professional - financial

Professional obstacles can trouble you as it seems that your associates do not understand or do not want to give you freedom of movement. Do not say in a process of controversy as you will become tough and this will affect the subsequent course of your collaborations.

Communication in your relationship plays a crucial role as through it you find self-confidence and positive mood. Your partner is there to support you and fix your psychology. The unattached person focuses on communicating with a person who gives you joy as it is necessary to escape from possible obligations that pressure you.


Virgo, the day can significantly affect you by limiting optimism and positive psychology. Take care to curb your negativity and insecurities that can affect the relationships in the environment you move. 

Professional - financial

The financial transactions that you want to settle are of great concern to you. You can take the necessary initiatives and move based on your intuition to be able to make the right moves. In the work environment, it is possible to create the right atmosphere for discussions that can yield significant economic benefits.

Your partner helps you to escape from suspicion and enjoy every moment with him that will fill you with emotional security, something that is necessary for you today. The unattached have the opportunity to communicate with a person who raises unique emotions, but takes care with his attitude not to be influenced by your personal fears.


Libra, your interpersonal relationships are important and can determine your psychology. The day significantly affects your psychology as there seems to be a strong suspicion of the movements of people that are important to you.

Professional - financial

In the work environment it is not excluded that difficulties may arise that will cause you intense problems. It is important to be able to keep high morale and use the necessary diplomacy to escape confrontations or imposing moods that will create tension with the faces of the colleague around.

The person next to you can help you escape from the difficulties of everyday life and see how much companionship and love can offer you. The unattached is likely to communicate with a person who fills you with optimism and helps you deal with the difficult routine you have in a positive mood.


Scorpio, the day can create issues that will significantly affect interpersonal relationships. You will do well not to be absolute in your thoughts and to try with maturity and good mood to resolve any contradictions.

Professional - financial

Conflicts may arise in your collaborations as you may try to impose your own views indirectly. This will create tension and will not allow the possibilities that can exist if you try hard and show a willingness to have harmony.

Coldness can prevail in your relationship if you do not manage to contain the need to impose on your own terms in a sideways way. The unattached will hardly be left to a new person as the concerns and fears you have on a personal level affect the way you communicate.


Sagittarius, do not miss the positive look at things as it is the one that will help you overcome possible difficulties of the day. The day significantly affects your movements as stress dominates in everyday life and in settling possible pending issues that you have.

Professional - financial

The difficulties you face in your daily life and especially in your work can cause you problems as you seem to be blocking and not being able to process what you have undertaken. A positive mood will help you see clearly how you need to move and escape the gloom that can overwhelm you.

The person next to you is a support for you in possible difficulties as it helps you not to lose the joy and optimism for life. The unattached can come in contact with a person who will take care to fix your psychology and create beautiful conditions for the future. 


Capricorn, the day can bring to the surface issues of self-confidence and personal worth. You will do well not to make moves that will affect the relations with your environment, make sure you enjoy the warmth and tenderness of the family that will work, I was relieved at your disposal.

Professional - financial

Financial affairs can be a problem for you as it is possible for expenses to arise that cause insecurity for your income. Do not allow pessimism to prevail, face with dynamism and confidence which situations to have the best result for you.

Intimacy in the relationship plays an important role in feeling good and overcoming any insecurities that make their appearance today. The unattached have the opportunity to face real fears that may affect a possible new acquaintance that interests you. 


Aquarius, the day can significantly affect relationships with family members as you will not hesitate to be absolute and tough with them. This will lead to withdrawal if you do not manage to calmly manage which situations and become abrupt.

Professional - financial

You try to create the best possible conditions on a professional level and this effort is hard. They will do well to avoid absoluteness and give your associates the opportunity to express possible views that you may eventually find interesting and motivate you.

Your partner can help you overcome any tensions you feel. It is what will fill you with joy and help you find the true meaning of life. The unattached make sure you get in touch with the person you are interested in as it is certain that it will change your mood and will fill you with optimism and fun.


Pisces, today it is not excluded that issues of self-confidence come to the surface and affect your behavior. It is important to be able to avoid exaggerations as stubbornness and intransigence will lead to rivalries with those around you that it is good to avoid.

Professional - financial

Be careful of financial issues that may concern you as suspicion may lead to behaviors that will overturn the data. Think carefully before taking the next steps as it is not out of the question to focus solely on your own interests.

Insecurities lead you to behaviors that will upset your partner a lot, you will do well to be careful because you can stubbornly lead your relationship in difficult situations. Unbound fears and self-esteem can affect your willingness to communicate with a new person.

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