The astrological predictions of Monday, December 26, 2022

The Moon is in Aquarius, the interest will be focused on innovations, technology, the way of thinking will be innovative, the goal will be improvement and immediate change. In matters of a professional and financial nature, there will be a willingness to take risks and initiatives, the conditions for ventures will be favorable. The steps should be coordinated, it will be necessary to process all information and data very well.



Krie, the day disorients you! It is possible to have high expectations for people close to you or to make promises that are not easy to keep.

Professional - Financial 

It is important not to enter into important agreements or transactions that could play a decisive role in your professional life. It is possible that there will be people who will seek to give you the wrong picture of which situation you are interested in, so be careful.

Try to avoid important discussions with your partner as the words and promises will not have a realistic basis and later you may be disappointed. If you are unattached / you should pay attention to a possible new acquaintance that may seem highly communicative but you do not have the discretion to distinguish possible characteristics that will not suit you.


Taurus, the day invites you to turn to your immediate environment and calmly evaluate issues that may concern you. It is good to watch your behavior because it is possible to become tough and uncompromising by affecting your close relationships. 

Professional - financial

Difficulties and obstacles may arise in trade agreements and transactions that interest you, but you will do well to show perseverance and think of realistic solutions to overcome what is bothering you. Maturity and a sensible approach to things will help you move in a positive direction.

You are not in the mood for discussion and this can negatively affect your partner. It is good to explain how you feel so that there are no problems and misinterpretations. If you are single, it is possible for a new person to emerge in your life through the immediate environment, distancing yourself will help you to see if it really suits you.


Gemini, the day opens a new chapter that concerns your material and emotional needs. It is important to find your footing as this will help you build step by step your personal development in the best possible way.

Professional - financial

Financial issues will be of great concern to you as they become an obstacle to your future plans. It's time to dump her and move on.

The doubts you have about yourself affect your relationship and leave no room for you to enjoy the moments with the person next to you. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new person in your life who can intrigue you to take important steps towards the future.


Cancer, the day intensifies the emotionality, the melancholy, possible insecurities that come to the surface and bother you. Focus on art and creation that will help you balance yourself psychologically.

Professional - Financial

You should be careful in your daily life and in the possible obligations or chores that you have to deal with as the lack of self-concentration can lead you to significant mistakes. You will do well not to make catalytic decisions as they are probably not the right ones.

Intense emotionality does not allow you to see realistically in what context your relationship is moving and possible emotional outbursts will strongly affect it. If you are single, it will be difficult for you to commit to new acquaintances as the mind travels and introversion prevails.


Leo, the day may bring misunderstandings with people from the friendly environment. It is important not to expect too much from what they can give as it is certain that you will be disappointed.

Professional - Financial

There is no discretion that is necessary in important professional decisions or moves, so it is better not to seek to take steps that you will later discover are wrong. Be careful because people you trust in the professional environment will disappoint you.

You lose your temper and the need for independence grows inside you. Be careful because you can create problems in your relationship by giving the wrong messages to your partner. If you are unattached / new acquaintances are possible through the friendly environment that will impress you, you will do well to keep a small basket because the phenomena deceive.


Virgo, the day can lead you to high expectations in terms of social prestige. Be careful because your choices will be wrong and in the end you will probably be disappointed with yourself. 

Professional - Financial

Your career choices are not realistic so it is better today to be careful and avoid possible decisions that may play a decisive role in your future course. People in the professional environment can undermine you, limit the science you show so as not to get hurt.

Professional problems can lead to outbursts that will bother your partner. You will do well not to vent on this by creating additional issues that are not easy to manage. If you are single, it is possible that there are people in the professional environment who will show a strong interest in you, but they may not be sincere.


Libra, the day is not excluded to create misunderstandings with people from the wider environment that will cost you. Beware of exaggerations as it is easy to miss the subway in fun and exposure.

Professional - Financial

Professional contacts that you may have today may promise a lot. Your over-optimism may not allow you to see clearly that some of these can not be realized. Beware of those who want to convince you can promise you things that will not be true.

Make sure you have a good time with your partner enjoying his company and the positive atmosphere between you without demands and dreams that may not have a realistic basis. If you are unattached, a new person can emerge from the wider family and friendly environment, it is important to let time pass to see what he really wants from you.


Scorpio, the day intensifies insecurities and repulsed in an excessive way. Try to limit the excessive suspicion that can lead to outbursts and extreme behaviors by disappointing those around you. 

Professional - Financial

The day is not suitable for engaging in financial partnerships or business activities as the people involved are likely to have ambitions that are not easy to perceive. Your intuition will stop you in any movement, you will do well to listen to it.

Jealousy and doubts can lead to scenes and fights that will negatively affect your partner, be sure to avoid any tensions. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance that will cause unique feelings, but do not immediately show confidence because you may be deceived.


Sagittarius, the day can create illusions and delusions for people around you. Losing your sense of humor, you can expect things to never happen, something that will hurt you.

Professional - Financial

Avoid important discussions and decisions regarding your collaborations as it is more likely that you do not have an objective picture of things and make mistakes. Beautifying the people you work with does not help you take the right steps in your professional life.

Excessive expectations from your partner are not realistic. Take care to limit the sensitivities and emotions that lead you to wrong conclusions. If you are single, it may be an acquaintance that may excite you, but it is important to take the time to see if he has sincere intentions for you. 


Capricorn, the day can disorient you in everyday life, creating a problem in the planning and course of your affairs. Reduce frustration and try to stay focused on what you need to manage.

Professional - Financial

You are easily distracted at work and this can be costly as it can lead to wrong choices and decisions. Try to avoid important moves that will determine the developments in what you have undertaken and listen if you need your intuition that will help you avoid trouble.

Tension, stress and whining can energize the atmosphere in your personal life and cause fierce quarrels with your partner. If you are unattached / you will hardly be left to a new person as the fatigue and irritability of everyday life leave no room for relaxing moments and flirting.


Aquarius, the day leads to exaggerations and immodesty that will bother the people you meet. Take advantage of the day by engaging in creative activities that interest you and can yield significant results.

Professional - Financial

It is not easy to concentrate on everyday issues as the mind runs. You want to have a good time and this does not allow you to give your best in his professional obligations. Try to be focused as mistakes are possible and the conflicts that will arise will bother you.

Sensitivities take off and it is possible to have excessive demands on your partner, without being able to discern that they are not realistic and achieve within. If you are single, the new person may impress you, but you will do well not to jump to conclusions because you are more likely to be disappointed later.


Pisces, the day focuses your attention on a personal level, children, on creative activities that may interest you. Issues of the past can trouble you and erupt in a sudden way in your environment, be careful as the tension may create distances.

Professional - financial

Predispositions from the past can appear and work aggravatingly on your psychology. Practical thinking and creativity will help you to escape from possible difficulties and to find a suitable way out to give solutions.

You want to make a fresh start away from the problems that are pending and affecting your relationship, but your psychology and fears are intense and you can move away from your partner. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new person who will distract you, do not get trapped in memories and wounds.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from