The astrological predictions of Monday, December 5, 2022

The Moon is in Taurus, emphasis will be placed on material acquisitions, there will be an opening for buying and selling, possibly some will succeed in acquiring a material good that they have long had in mind. There will be a need for emotional balance, for psychological calm and for stability both in matters of a financial nature and in matters related to personal relationships.



Krie, the emotion is intense and can put you in the process of thinking the wrong things about people around you. Misunderstandings are possible so beware as the need for delusions can lead to thoughts that are not realistic.

Professional - financial

Today you focus on achieving the goal and ambitions you have set with innovative and imaginative thoughts. You should be careful when it comes to trade as it is possible that there will be proposals that will promise a lot, but things will not be clear.

The high demands you may have on your partner do not seem to be able to meet reality and this is something that disappoints you. Unattached attention to contacts with new people who do not clearly show their motives and may not be sincere.


Taurus, your material and emotional needs come to the fore and especially in the afternoon you may feel insecurities overwhelming you. The lack of objectivity does not allow you to see clearly how to handle any situation with those around you and frustration can prevail.

Professional - financial

You should be careful in financial transactions that may occur as you do not seem to have a clear picture of things and may be led to wrong decisions. Obligations at a professional level are increasing, make sure you keep a low profile so that there are no tensions.

The need to be with your partner can lead to illusions and revisions when he promises you things that are not realistic. The unattached will hardly be able to overcome the gloom as it limits you and you are closed to yourself.


Gemini, the day leaves no room for clear thinking and it is possible to react spasmodically and people around you. Do not rush to conclusions because they are most likely to be wrong.

Professional - financial

The day opens before you a period in which you will take advantage of possible contacts abroad, thus opening new professional paths. Pay attention to your collaborations as you can not realistically see how you should move, it is easy to be deceived.

Subjectivity and the beginning can lead you to conflict with your partner, while you can not see objectively the situation in your relationship. Unattached attention to contacts with people who cover your selfishness as they may not have the best intentions. 


Cancer, introversion is intense and preoccupation with issues of the past can lead you to isolate and close to yourself. The intense emotion in the afternoon may lead to outbursts that will create problems in the environment in which you move. 

Professional - financial

You can engage in business plans that are likely to interest you as you seem to have the intuition and demon needed to make the right decisions. It is not the right day to close issues of the past as it does not have an objective judgment.

Dealing with issues and situations that have hurt you in the past will aggravate the atmosphere in the relationship and take off your sensibilities. The unattached person should take care to manage the returns of the past calmly and do not rush to draw conclusions before you see clearly what they want from you.


Leo, communicating with people from friendly surroundings is something you enjoy very much. But be careful because it is not excluded that they are not honest with you and sooner or later you will find out. The frustration can be great so make sure you keep a small basket of words and promises.

Professional - financial

Today it is a fact that you are entering a period where it is not excluded that competitive moods will appear in your collaborations that will concern you. You will do well not to make decisions about goals and ambitions as it is possible to make mistakes due to strong illusions.

You can not clearly see what you want from your relationship and most likely you will move away from your partner something that will cause surprise and sadness. The unmarried make sure you think carefully if the person who shows interest in you really meets what you want.


Virgo, the need to be projected in your social environment is intense and can prevail. Of course, it is important to be able to see objectively how you should move as it is possible to make mistakes and eventually find yourself exposed or frustrated by the behavior of others.

Professional - financial

You do not seem to have a clear idea of ​​how to handle your responsibilities professionally and this can lead to mistakes that will be exposed to you. Make sure you set realistic goals and try to achieve them with hard work, rather than setting overly ambitious goals that you will not be able to achieve.

Do not allow yourself because of the tensions that can prevail at work and relax your partner for wrong things. The unattached will show restraint to a new person through the professional environment that may seem ideal to you, but remember that phenomena deceive.


Libra, your good psychology can be influenced by the intense emotions and fears that possess you and create problems with people of the wider relative and friend environment. Today your desire for intense flirting is pervasive. 

Professional - financial

It is a fact that what you want is to have fun and leave behind professional obligations that may bother you. You will do well to be careful and consistent as mistakes are very likely due to the negligence that you have and they are the ones that will eventually expose you.

Wrong conclusions that can be drawn or possible ambitions that are unattainable can negatively affect your relationship and cause friction. The unattached person tried to really see what you want from a new relationship as you do not seem to have a clear idea of ​​what you are asking for.


Scorpio, tension still exists as you seem to come into contact with deeper thoughts and phobias. Beware of intense emotions because you will lose your temper and you will lead to outbursts and conflicts with the people around you for no real reason.

Professional - financial

It is possible that there will be people who will seek to make financial deals with you, but you will do well to be very careful as their motives are not clear. Avoid collaborations that do not really show what they want from you and can lead to losses.

The need for control and the suspicion that you have for your partner seems to get out of control, be careful because the controversies will be intense and will not cost your relationship. The unattached, you isolate yourself and possibly consume yourself in situations of the past that have hurt you.


Sagittarius, you want to be liked by those around you and this can lead to suppressing your real needs. Do not allow the thought to follow the wrong paths as it will throw you into introversion and intense emotionality. Do not immediately show confidence in people who say a lot. 

Professional - financial

Decisions in your partnerships should be avoided today as it seems you can be convinced of things that are not realistic. Do not give in to new proposals of a professional nature and give time to see what they can bring you as it is most likely that the reality will not appear from the very beginning.

Frustration is very likely to occur today as you seem to have excessive demands on your partner and get hurt easily if he can not meet them. Unattached attention to new acquaintances and contacts may promise a lot, but they do not have clear motivations towards you.


Capricorn, take care of routine issues that may be pending and you want to sort out. They are the ones that create stress for you and can lead you, especially in the afternoon, to escape and break out in your environment creating problems.

Professional - financial

The pending issues that may exist in your work are likely to create tension and you will lose your temper, something that will lead to confrontations and misunderstandings with people from the colleagues around you. Possible proposals may seem tempting, you would do well to keep a small basket because the phenomena deceive.

The obsessions that prevail today do not allow you to really show what you want from your partner and you can be trapped in a bad mood that will negatively affect your relationship. The unattached do not show interest in your personal life as your psychology is not the same. 


Aquarius, today you come to the fore with dynamism and claim what you think you deserve. Be careful because you can become very aggressive and vindictive with those around you, something that will sooner or later provoke their strong reaction.

Professional - financial

The initiatives you can take in terms of your collaborations are important, of course take care to limit the need to impose yourself because it is the one that will cause objections. Do not get caught up in egocentrism and subjectivity because they will not allow you to see objectively how you have to move to succeed.

The strong feelings you have for your partner may be expressed in the wrong way and your sensibilities may not allow you to see objectively what it offers you. The unattached take care to be careful in contacts with new people may not be honest with you.


Pisces, memories of the past emerge in the memory and can create intense mood swings and ups and downs. You will do well not to vent your bad mood to familiar faces as you will lose people next to you who are willing to listen to you.

Professional - financial

Issues of the past come to the fore and create a strong mood as you need to give solutions to get rid of them. Watch out for tensions on a professional level as illusions seem to prevail and you are available for mistakes that will cost you dearly.

You feel that it is time to show all your tenderness to the person next to you, but you seem to lose your temper and this leads to misunderstandings. The unattached may prefer to be isolated in your personal space and not deal at all with your romantic life.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from