The astrological predictions of Monday 7 November 2022

Venus forms a square with Saturn, it is an aspect that cannot be ruled out to bring internal emotional conflicts, there may be disappointments, uncertainty will not give the impetus for meaningful actions. Emotional or professional approaches should be thoughtful, it will be necessary to seek stable ground for new ventures to proceed.


Success and response to your communication style today is a given, so make sure you take advantage of the favor you are given. Promote, launch your plans and launch your affairs. Small rays of light are beginning to appear in work as well, since some news and developments show that the stagnation in your plans has an expiration date. Try to avoid emotional outbursts towards your romantic partner and don't burden the atmosphere. You, who are alone, may find that you haven't paid enough attention to an acquaintance.

Today brings you into meaningful contact with your loved ones. You have now won their respect, appreciation and real interest. Your professional knowledge and experiences can attract new faces and present opportunities that will either give impetus to your plans or open new horizons in front of you. Do not question the honesty or reliability of your romantic partner and do not create problems and arguments for no reason. You who are alone, with your charm significantly enhanced, you can conquer everyone.

The planetary setting helps you find your balance between work and personal life. Socializing professionally can bring opportunities that you should evaluate properly. Leave some labor deals open, as conditions may change soon. Enjoy the companionship and spend pleasant moments of tenderness and romance with your love partner.
There are many opportunities for new acquaintances, so relax, you who are single, and do not act preconceived.

Make the most of your creative ideas today, claim and aim for your dreams and ambitions. Diplomacy is the necessary ingredient for handling your work obligations. Negotiate new agreements properly and mainly to your advantage. Conversations are pleasant and light with your partner and at the same time constructive. You who are alone, don't idealize people you don't know enough.

Your creative mood today helps you face even your most difficult cases with optimism and efficiency. Seek contact with friends and family and share time, thoughts and opinions with them. Romance and passion are on the menu today with your loved one, so enjoy the day. You who are alone, find ways to lift your slightly depressed mood.

The Moon spends the day in the area of ​​family and your intimate environment and satisfies your need for a "nest" and warmth. Avoid nagging and complaining towards your romantic partner. Prefer to spend beautiful and relaxed moments with him. You, who are alone, can charm and even inspire others, as long as you come out of your shell.

Others respond to your ideas and arguments today, and networking can stimulate interesting thought processes. You may have to try or work harder in order to achieve the results you want. Despite any disagreements with your romantic partner, your relationship is on a very good level. A new acquaintance that can come out of nowhere lifts your mood.

Your opinion is sought or your words today have more influence than usual. Since situations and circumstances are fluid, it's a good idea to leave some of your work commitments and promises open. It is an excellent time to make future plans with your loved one and make decisions about your relationship together. You who are alone, remember that your spirit and charm do not leave anyone unmoved.

Today you may learn a secret or have a conversation about a private matter concerning the past and the hidden. Your work-related ideas are abundant, but this is not the right time to share and communicate them. Find the balance between your own desires and your partner's. You who are alone, stop complaining and make sure to fill your day with pleasant activities.

The Moon spends the day in the area of ​​your private life and this makes you close a little in your shell. You need time to regroup and recognize your needs and find them with yourself. The exchange of opinions and ideas professionally can be very useful to you and you can benefit from new information, especially on the subjects that are already on your mind. Watch your conversations with your romantic partner and don't provoke your fate. Some you will want to hear and others you will eventually hear. Trust your instincts and don't surrender unconditionally to new acquaintances, you who are alone.

The planetary setting encourages you to be with loved ones and share feelings and thoughts. Discussions about your business plans or career can be extremely helpful. Many people seem to support you and that is already enough to believe in yourself. A friend can pull you out of your emotional ruts whether you're in a relationship and need a second opinion and advice, or you're single.

Today's energies are especially good for learning, through the ideas being exchanged now. A whole new perspective on a case can emerge and it's good to explore or even reconsider your options. Your participation in group or collective professional activities, even online, can be particularly attractive. Despite the honorable efforts of your romantic partner to reassure you emotionally, your insecurities gain space. Do not create distance with the person you are interested in. Relax a little and allow him to express himself.