The astrological predictions of Sunday, July 10, 2022

The Sun forming a hexagon with Uranus is a positive aspect, the characteristics will be optimism, creativity, innovative way of thinking, dynamic mood. In the professional field, new ideas will be heard, there will be an opportunity to pass them to a practical level. The circle of acquaintances expands, socializing and contacts will be pleasant, approaches will be spontaneous and liberated.



Krie, your mood is an important factor as you seem to enjoy the company of those close to you and feel better than ever. Focus on having a good time and leaving behind any insecurities that may be bothering you or outbursts that create problems in your relationships.

Professional - financial

Financial transactions can develop positively as long as you realize that you have to move to make the most of it. Trade, public relations, communication attract your attention and you can create great deals that will pay off significantly in your self-confidence.

You feel that it is time to show the strong feelings you have for your partner and it is certain that this will give significant benefits to your personal life. The unattached have the opportunity to focus on acquaintances that intensify the sensuality and help you enjoy every moment.


Taurus, your self-confidence is high and this helps you find the path you want to follow and it completely satisfies you. Turning to finances will help you see how to manage potential fears you have and may cause you to lack self-confidence.

Professional - financial

Financial management comes to the fore as you are called upon to settle an account that may raise uncertainties. Collaborations have a lot to offer as long as you listen to your instinct and trust what it tells you. The satisfaction you will receive will be at all levels.

The unique moments you can spend with your partner give impetus to your relationship and create the conditions for intense emotions and passion. The unattached have the opportunity to feel intensely the interest of people who want to enter your life.


Gemini, taking initiatives today is something important for you for this and you will not hesitate to get in touch with people you consider close to you. You claim the attention of those around you and this can be done in a strong way by dividing with your behavior and the manipulations you choose.

Professional - financial

It is possible to choose to make important moves that can be of decisive benefit at a professional level. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals and leading your collaborations in a more positive way. Financial transactions from the past close in an optimistic way.

Emotions are more intense than ever and can create an unprecedented inner storm, focus on sensuality and romance and you will not lose. The unattached focus on your needs, it is important to find the right person to meet them. 


Cancer, contact with friends and people you have common ideas satisfies you especially down brings you closer to your personal dreams and aspirations. The past comes and invites you to face it head on, reinforcing possible repulsions and guilt from situations you have experienced. 

Professional - financial

Teamwork can yield significant results in terms of your collaborations as it is the one that will probably pave a highly profitable path for you. It is crucial to be able to see from a distance how you should handle each situation as objectivity and realism will be your supplies for today.

The conditions are created for you to have a unique time with your partner, as long as you realize that you should not get lost in the sensitivities and in those that do not let you see clearly. The unattached are called to manage returns of the past that plague you and create new challenges.


Leo, you have the opportunity to get in touch with people from the friendly environment who raise your psychology and fill you with joy and optimism. You are interested in being promoted and you focus on making moves that will bring the social recognition you are looking for.

Professional - financial

Your professional pursuits are the ones that create joy in you and help you balance by seeing the positive side of things. Discussions about finances can be extremely optimistic as you seem to be managing the issue with great skill.

You deal realistically with situations that may have arisen in your personal life and this helps you to maturely keep a low profile, away from challenges. The unattached give yourself the opportunity to communicate with a person through the professional environment that manifests intense passion.


Virgo, show the required attention to the faces of your wider environment who seem to support you and lift your spirits vertically. Good mood leads to highly creative situations that help you stand on your own two feet with confidence.

Professional - financial

Liabilities at the professional level can increase and there are pending issues that you will have to settle later, something that worries you a lot. Think carefully about how you want to proceed in your career because it is what will play an important role in your personal pursuits.

It is time to take off your partner as you feel that optimism overwhelms you and the person next to you can give it to you now. The unattached do not lose confidence and faith in yourself and this is evident in a possible new acquaintance that concerns you intensely.


Libra, you feel that the time has come to express what affects you psychologically by turning to your family for support. It is a fact that you are given the opportunity to stand on your own two feet and find the right balance, despite all the ups and downs and emotional outbursts. 

Professional - financial

Take advantage of this situation for financial issues that concern you as they seem to have a very positive development and high efficiency. Your positive attitude is also reflected in the professional environment, only that hard work is questioned as you want to have a good time away from obligations.

Do not allow insecurities to dominate and give your best in your relationship as it is what will help you see its true value. The unattached person turns your interest to a new acquaintance that creates unprecedented and deep feelings.


Scorpio, fears and insecurities intensify and this irritates you from the morning. Take care to manage the ups and downs of your mood otherwise those around you will suffer the consequences. The need for balance will play an important role in smoothing out any misunderstandings.

Professional - financial

The partners are willing to give their best to perform your professional steps, something that satisfies you unlimitedly. Trade and communication are likely to occupy your professional aspirations as they seem to promise significant benefits.

Your partner dominates your personal life and you can do everything as long as he is satisfied next to you. Unleashed let go of the passion that promises a new person who wants to enter your life as it is what can radically change the way you think in this area.


Sagittarius, you feel the need to balance situations that may have preoccupied those around you and to prevail the required harmony. The acceptance of others is important and you will do everything to win it, as long as you do not lose yourself. 

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to solve work issues that may be of great concern to you as this seems to please you very much and fills you with confidence. Belief in yourself leads you to claim better financial terms and it is possible to succeed.

The strong feelings you have for your partner lead you to take initiatives to have a good time together as companionship is your first concern. The unattached person contacted a person who wants to star on a personal level as you are satisfied with his presence in your life.


Capricorn, you feel that the time has come to deal with everyday things that may bother you and upset you. Your mood is high and it works positively to do what you have undertaken and not to drop your psychology.

Professional - financial

The initiatives he takes in terms of your career can lead you to extremely positive developments as you seem to realize how you want to move and what you want to achieve. Your hard work and responsibility is a fact that is recognized by the work environment and this satisfies you very much.

You can focus on your personal needs, but it is certain that you give space to your partner to express what he feels and wants from you. The unattached give you the opportunity to make important moves in your personal life as you seem to impress and charm with your behavior. 


Aquarius, joy and childhood dominate and you have the opportunity to transmit them to those around you, creating the best possible environment for everyone. Make sure you put selfishness aside because with its games you can get away or upset some people.

Professional - financial

You believe in yourself and this seems to give a significant boost to your professional pursuits. Take the necessary steps that will give you the initiative of the moves and do not hesitate to claim what you think you deserve because you can achieve it.

You enjoy every moment with the person next to you and you do not miss the opportunity to show what it means to you and what place it has in your life. The unattached are likely to deal with people from the past where they come and claim again to take off the emotion and tenderness.


Pisces, you seek to meet people in your family environment as they are the ones that relieve your psychology. Mood swings and ups and downs will not help you escape from situations of the past can occupy your mind and lead you to introversion.

Professional - financial

The trade and communication deals you have probably made seem to be starting to pay off, which is very satisfying. Try not to get caught up in rivalries and confrontations that will create obstacles to positive developments and achieve goals. 

The need for communication is what dominates in terms of your emotions and leads you to have a good time with your partner, launching passion to the heights. The unattached have the opportunity to pique the interest and catch the eye as humor and charm are uniquely combined.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from