The astrological predictions of Sunday 15 January 2023

Venus forming a square with Uranus is a difficult aspect, it will bring to the surface reactive moods, the choices may be unusual and eccentric. Those who maintain a long-term bond may feel the need to break free from commitments, watch out for outbursts and frivolities, unconventional actions should be especially thought out.



Krie, you will not hesitate to become aggressive and caustic with people around you, something that can create problems in your interpersonal relationships. The day pushes you to tell harsh truths that can hurt. 

Professional - financial 

Important issues can arise in your collaborations as you will not hesitate to confront seeking to impose your views. Be careful because you can become uncompromising and hard on what you express leading to conflicts that can eventually cost.

It is important to be able to contain irritability as it is certain that it will create problems in the relationship and may cause controversy with your partner. The unattached person shows particular suspicion and this does not allow you to be left in contact with a new person.


Taurus, your day foretells revolutionary moods and subversive choices that may surprise the faces of those around you. Take care to keep the irritation and channel it into tension through initiatives that will change the facts of your life.

Professional - financial

It is a fact that settling financial issues is strongly in your mind. It is important for you to feel stable in this part of your life as well. Of course, this does not rule out possible waste that can create problems in your budget and stress you out.

The romance and passion that can prevail in your personal life gives new opportunities in your relationships and elevates emotions. The unattached feel that you can communicate with a person who creates intense interest in you as it fills you with security and stability.


Gemini, the day helps you get out of introversion and the need for loneliness. Beware of confrontations with friendly people as they will be highly confrontational and can lead to permanent ruptures and removal. 

Professional - financial

The struggles for goals and ambitions that you have can be many as you will not hesitate to become uncompromising and confrontational to impose your own views. You will do well to let the team spirit prevail and limit authoritarian tendencies that will ultimately not benefit you.

You know what you are asking for from your partner and you make sure to show it clearly as maturity characterizes your thoughts and actions. The unattached can with steady steps be left to a new person with whom you communicate and can open new horizons in your personal life.


Cancer, emotionality intensifies more than ever and can lead you to stay away from people you meet. Take advantage of this situation to be able to solve issues that stigmatize you psychologically, something that will fill you with strength.

Professional - financial

It is possible to face financial issues of the past that you are called upon to provide solutions. The realism that distinguishes you helps you to escape from emotional outbursts and to really see how you have to move in order to be able to take advantage of any situation.

You feel that you can trust your partner and despite all the insecurities you are given the opportunity to realize that you are walking steadily with him. The unmarried is not excluded to return a person from the past who calls you to resolve issues that are pending and may hurt you.


Leo, your friendly faces are for you an oasis in the pressure of the days and give you the opportunity to discuss and make new plans that make you very happy. Beware of conversations with people from the wider environment that can lead to fierce confrontations.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to lay a solid foundation for goals and aspirations that you may have, as long as you escape from obsessions and personal insecurities that manifest and can create problems. Take advantage of this opportunity to take firm steps towards achieving what he has planned.

You fanatically support your views and this can annoy the person next to you. You can show a good mood to avoid possible tensions. The unattached is likely to communicate with a person through the friendly environment that creates new conditions in your personal life.


Virgo, suspicion dominates the way you express yourself and can energize the atmosphere in the environment in which you move. You will not hesitate to become caustic, but knowing this can lead to tough fights as the reactions will be intense. 

Professional - financial

Pay attention to financial issues as there seem to be backstage processes that can upset your plans. The obligations in your professional life concern you. Take care to get rid of insecurities as you can face even the most difficult situations.

Try to avoid important discussions with your partner as the mood you show is not the right one and can lead to intense frictions that will hurt you. The unattached feel you are overwhelmed by introversion and this leaves no room for new communication.


Libra, you are given the opportunity to communicate with people from the wider relative and friendly environment as they are what fill you with joy and optimism. Be careful because it is not excluded that you become uncompromising in your views and this spoils the positive atmosphere that has been created between you.

Professional - financial

It is best to avoid significant discussions and agreements as these can escalate into tough fights with people you work with. Try not to be critical and vindictive as this will be enough to create explosive situations on a professional level.

The tension that occupies you significantly affects your relationship as it is not excluded that you seek to hurt your partner in possible conversations that you have. You will do well to avoid it. The unattached will hardly show confidence in a new acquaintance as insecurities cloud your thinking and behavior.


Scorpio, the curiosity and upset you feel lead you to close yourself and observe those around you. Avoid important discussions with everyday people as they are more likely to lead to extreme controversies and words that will hurt.

Professional - financial

Tension with people in the work environment will not benefit you as conflicts can lead to extreme situations. It is good to avoid important discussions and to try intuitively to understand how you should move on issues that concern you.

It is important to try to balance your mood as obsessions and fears can negatively affect the course of your relationship. The unattached feel that at the moment you think about what it is that satisfies you in a relationship and can take you out of pessimism and insecurities.


Sagittarius, the need to be liked prevails and can lead to giving in to the demands you have. You are given the opportunity to express with logical arguments what you think and you are satisfied, take advantage of this opportunity to let others understand your true feelings.


Intransigence will not benefit your personal life, think calmly about what you want to express to your partner and show maturity in possible conversations. The unmarried may want to impose their views on a new person, but this will provoke reactions that you will not like.

You are given the opportunity to discuss new collaborations that can play an important role at a professional level. Put aside the pompous expressions and make the best possible use of possible new ideas and the realistic approach to things that distinguish you. 


Capricorn, family conflicts can be a problem. You will do well to control the mood to hurt those around you with what you say and to show understanding of possible demands and needs they have. Otherwise the tension will prevail.

Professional - financial

Everyday life and obligations at work level can create stress for you. Show confidence in yourself and do not allow obsessions to overwhelm your thoughts. This will help you to see realistically how you should move and will provide solutions to what you have undertaken.

You are in the mood to be manipulative and imposing with your partner and this can cause intense controversy that will leave its mark on your relationship. The unattached are likely to be trapped in mood swings and insecurities and this will not help you enjoy communicating with a new person. 


Aquarius, a good mood characterizes you and creates the conditions for you to have a pleasant time with the people you meet. Pay attention to the discussions as you can become absolute and imposing and this will bother especially people close to you.

Professional - financial

You should be careful in commercial agreements as there is likely to be a background that will affect you and push you to become tough and confrontational. It is better to avoid important discussions so as not to lead to extreme collaborations for you.

You show with great ease the feelings you have for the person next to you and this creates solid foundations in the long run for your relationship. The unattached can come in contact with a person who will play a key role in your personal life as he came to stay.


Pisces, you can enjoy family moments that fill you with warmth and security and give you the opportunity to settle issues that were concerned with familiar faces. You create the right atmosphere and take care of your own people, making the best use of the time you have with them.

Professional - financial

You have important financial plans, but it is possible to be overly optimistic about their development. You will do well to be careful in binding agreements that you may think you will meet but along the way you will have difficulties and you will not be creditworthy.

Tenderness prevails on a personal level and gives you the opportunity to renew your relationship and have a great time with the person next to you. The unattached is likely to communicate with a person who gives you the feeling of familiarity and creates an intimate atmosphere in the communication between you.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from