The astrological predictions of Sunday, July 17, 2022

Mercury forms a trine with Neptune, it is a positive aspect, area will have spirituality, the characteristics will be clarity, resourcefulness, intuition, ingenuity. In matters of a professional nature solutions will be found to controversial issues, the way collaborations and discussions will be done will be particularly helpful and will give the impetus for improvement and positive change.



Aries, stability in your views impresses and gives you the opportunity to think logically about future moves in possible goals. Be careful early in the morning because emotionality can lead to wrong conclusions that injure people in your wider environment.

Professional - financial

The day gives you the opportunity to relax and reorganize thinking very seriously about what your next steps should be in order to get closer than ever to your dreams. Dynamism and initiative are combined with mature and cool thinking and give the best result.

The understanding and wonderful communication that exists in your relationship gives you the strength to overcome any obstacle. Your partner fills you with joy and optimism. The unattached is likely to communicate with a person who may prove to be ideal for your personal life and for whatever you want in love.


Taurus, insecurities become more intense than ever in the morning as it may not be easy to control how you feel and draw conclusions that are wronged by the people around you. Afternoon you can balance and close issues of the past that affect your psychology.

Professional - financial

Thoughts about past issues make their appearance strong. But it is a fact that you do not let the sensitivity dominate and you can logically launch your next steps by planning the last detail.

Strong emotions and the desire to become one with your partner are the protagonists and can give unique moments in the relationship. The unattached returns of people of the past are not out of the question, the understanding and emotional intensity will play an important role in the subsequent course.


We give, communication and extroversion raises your psychology as you enjoy every discussion and contact with people who are important to you. After noon the self-confidence takes off and you can give your best to those around you as you star without disturbing the balance.

Professional - financial

You easily understand how to move in your collaborations. Trade can play a leading role in your plans so be sure to honestly express what you are trying to achieve as you can find the right people to agree on and move on to the next professional steps.

You feel that you have the person next to you who can immediately perceive what you want from a relationship and that satisfies you completely. The unattached is very likely to come into contact with a new person seems to share exactly what you want from love.


Cancer, your physical health is something you need to pay attention to. The energy you need to meet your growing responsibilities will play an important role in being accurate and efficient in your moves. Don't waste on routine tasks that you can handle with great ease.

Professional - financial

You can show your best self at work as it is important for you to be able to be effective and that you have taken on. Do not doubt your abilities and do not allow stress to dominate as only obstacles will put in the evolution of your obligations.

The details make the difference and there you can find a common ground with your partner that will help you have a good time on a daily basis without getting bored. The unattached focus mainly on your work and it is possible to put aside your personal life.


Leo, you feel like you're flying in the clouds as your psychology soars, and that helps you enjoy every moment of the day. It is possible to engage in talents and creative actions that interest you and relieve the artistic side of yourself.

Professional - financial

The confidence you feel will play a key role in setting new career goals. Communication can play a leading role in professional goals as you are given the opportunity to develop in new areas that attract your attention.

The excellent communication and intense emotion that prevails in the relationship help you to waste the time you spend with your partner and get closer than ever. The unattached are likely to come into contact with a person who is intensely interested in you and boosts your optimism and mood.


Virgo, moments with the family environment are precious and there is nothing that will allow the beautiful atmosphere to spoil. Deeper feelings and secrets come to the surface thus restoring misunderstandings. Relationships become stronger than ever.

Professional - financial

Emotionality does not allow you to realistically see that you have to move on a professional level, so try to put sensibilities aside. Your hard work and efficiency are recognized by the work environment and this makes you very happy.

Romanticism plays a dominant role today in your relationship as you give your best to enjoy every moment with the person next to you. The unattached is likely to pique your interest through the familiar friendly environment that fills you with mental strength.


Libra, communication is what makes you especially happy, so you won't hesitate to get in touch with people around you where you can discuss issues that concern you. So you will find the courage to step on your feet and you will realize that you can continue in a dynamic way from now on. 

Professional - financial

The professional steps you have in front of you can be extremely successful as long as you use your communication talent and trust your abilities. The trade deals that may arise from dialogues and discussions will have a lot to give you.

The person next to you is the protagonist at all levels and helps you find the confidence you need to have a unique time with him. The unattached are likely to come into contact with a person who can give birth to wonderful feelings as you feel that you have found the right partner.


Scorpios, sensitivities in the morning make their appearance intense and can create intense insecurities and phobias that will trouble your relationship. From noon onwards you find the balance that is needed so as not to spoil the beautiful atmosphere in the environment you are in.

Professional - financial

The blurred picture of your finances can be troubling in the morning, but you should not be disappointed as you later find the composure to deal with any situation that concerns you. Patience and perseverance are virtues that will help you to achieve better financial conditions in your work.

Do not allow repressed people who are bothering you to affect your personal life and dynamize the unique environment in which you can have your relationship. The unattached give you the opportunity to get in touch with a person who fills you with security and creates conditions for stability in your life.


Sagittarius, the leading role is yours and you will not hesitate to make this obvious in the environment in which you move. Show the generosity needed to get out of egocentric moods that will cause problems and not allow you to enjoy the essence of the relationship.

Professional - financial

The dynamism that possesses you leaves no room for audacity on a professional level. He will give you the impetus you need to take the necessary initiatives for new collaborations that come into your life to help you express the creativity that you hide inside you.

You can try to express what you need from your partner and be sure that you will find the best possible response from him. The unattached have the opportunity to get in touch with a new person who can play a catalytic role in the course of his personal life as it fills you with confidence and joy.


Capricorn, the need to shut yourself in is intense and can be misunderstood by those around you. In the afternoon, you are given the opportunity to express that you have been preoccupied with the past in the faces of the family environment, thus solving issues that plague your psychology.

Professional - financial

You need to be careful about goals and ambitions, especially in the morning, as it seems that you do not have a direct perception of things and this leads to illusions. Avoid important decisions that can stigmatize your course and have negative implications.

Emotion and tenderness flood your relationship and leave no room for controversy that will create nervousness in your personal life. The unattached is likely to come into contact with a person from the past, emotional identification will play an important role in thinking about giving a second chance. 


Aquarius, communicating is crucial for you and you will not hesitate to get in touch with friends who can understand your thoughts and opinions. The determination you show will help to convince friendly people of new ambitions that can be shared with you.

Professional - financial

The team efforts in which you participate will play a decisive role in your professional development as it is important for you to be able to coordinate under a common goal that can offer a lot to everyone. Your original ideas will play an important role in bringing you closer to your dreams.

Coordinating common goals for you and your partner will play a key role in making you function extremely well and see a different aspect of your relationship. The unattached is not excluded from coming into contact with a person through the friendly environment that will give birth to new feelings, giving the feeling that he can offer a lot to love.


Pisces, professional obligations can be very stressful, but you should not allow this to cause you depression and anxiety. Enjoy the day with people who can offer you a lot and above all create the feeling of stability that you are so looking for in your life.

Professional - financial

Career plays a decisive role as you think about your next moves and how you will be able to benefit financially. Try to avoid the intransigence that will not help you move flexibly and show that you can respond to whatever is asked of you.

You can discuss with your partner that it concerns you and creates insecurity as it is next to you to create the right conditions for you to believe in yourself. The unattached is likely to come into contact with a person through the professional environment that will gain your trust.

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