The astrological predictions of Sunday 21 May 2023

The Sun makes its appearance in Gemini and will remain in this position Until June 21, the characteristics will be vitality, curiosity, sociability, expressiveness. The time period will be favorable to formulate proposals and new ideas, the right argumentation will succeed in convincing. There will be fluency of speech and practical flexibility, in difficult cases the diplomatic attitude will be beneficial.


The Sun moves into your communication sector today where it will remain until 21/6. This cycle brings into focus your daily affairs and your need to learn, connect, communicate and move. The Sun encourages you to take more interest in the world around you. The following month keeps you on constant alert. You may take on several projects and have many different things to do, but not always with focus or concentration. Today you are particularly motivated to make positive changes and improvements. Connections and conversations inspire confidence and you seem able to bring out the best in others.

Today the Sun moves into the sector of your finances and values, where it will remain until 21/6. Your main focus is on material affairs and matters of comfort next month. Seek to take responsibility, build your resources and develop your talents. It is a positive cycle in which you can discover what you really value. Today you are particularly motivated to take responsibility and make improvements, especially in your finances or personal assets. With a stronger sense of your most important goals, it's easier to identify the steps you need to take to get you closer to achieving them.

The Sun moves into your sign today and you reach the end of a rather introspective cycle, with the Sun having completed its transit into your private sector. Ideally you have time for extra rest and deep thought in the coming weeks. All eyes are on you now and next month, as the Sun highlights your personal abilities in the coming weeks. This transit gives you a personal boost and you feel more responsible for yourself. As it is the beginning of your solar year make sure you give your best.

The Sun enters your private life and soul sector today. It's a good time to rest so you can replenish your lost energy. Not the best time to push yourself or your plans, but an excellent time to realize your orientation and reflect on recent events and feelings. You may close issues that have run their natural course, or you may instinctively withdraw from the hustle and bustle of your daily life in an effort to get to know yourself, your goals and your needs better.

You enter a pleasant solar cycle today that focuses on social activities, teamwork, friendships, dreams and ideals for the month ahead. Friendships take on greater importance until 21/6 as the Sun transits your solar 11th house and the need or desire to be part of a group is emphasized. The coming month brings much-needed light, experimental and friendly energy into your life. You are more proud of your social life and your friends seek your advice more often. Today's energies are powerful for letting go of issues that no longer serve you.

The Sun begins crossing your career and reputation sector today, and much of your attention is directed to these matters next month. It's a good time to take charge of your life and clarify your long-term goals. You take more pride in your work during this cycle that lasts until 21/6, which fuels your motivation. Others definitely notice your work or accomplishments, making it wise to tap into your more responsible side. Today is a strong day for a boost and maybe some recognition.

With the Sun entering your spirit sector today, you begin a new cycle in which you can seek more meaning and more intense experiences. Anything that expands your understanding of the world around you appeals to you more in the coming weeks. This transit turns your attention to your larger goals. Today's energies favor self-expression, promotion, love and creative projects. The people in your life can change your perspective.

The Sun moves into your solar 8th house today and until 21/6 there will be many personal transformations, passion projects and intimate matters that will satisfy you the most. You are more intense in your mood and maybe a little secretive. It can be a decisive and powerful month as you face your fears or manage your addictions. You may be particularly attracted to challenges that take you out of your comfort zone. Today you are in the mood to make deep and not superficial changes and it is a beautiful time to improve your personal life.

The Sun enters your solar 7th house today and directs attention to your close relationships and by extension your expectations of others. Your greatest focus is on collaborations, negotiations and self-expression through your connections. While this may not be the most dynamic time of year, your increased ability to negotiate and compromise boosts your social life. You have a lot to learn about yourself through the mirror of your interactions and the significant others in your life. Today's transits seem to put you in the right place for reinforcement, support or recognition.

The Sun moves into your solar 6th house today where it will remain until 21/6. This transit brings attention to practical matters especially your work, routines and health. Focusing on self-improvement through self-care programs can be particularly effective. You are equipped to take responsibility and look after your health and well-being. Today you are completely in tune with your inner "guide" and your intuition. Don't be afraid to see some difficult things that you usually hide under the carpet.

Today the Sun moves into your sector of romance and creativity, where it will shine until 21/6. Expressive activities that please you come into focus and command much of your attention in the coming weeks. You're especially charming during this cycle, and it's a time of year when it's up to you to boost your love life. Share your ideas, your artistic vision, your happiness, as your sense of humor takes center stage. There may be a boost or recreational activity that is therapeutic and rewarding.

The Sun enters your home and family sector today, and this cycle encourages you to take care of your heart and hearth. It is a positive cycle for family activities, to improve the home and sense of security and comfort. It is also powerful for reconnecting with your roots. Today communications encourage and motivate you to make deep improvements and exchanges, rather than quick or superficial fixes that are mostly related to your home, family, partnerships or inner world.