The astrological predictions of Sunday 22 January 2023

The influence of the New Moon in Aquarius continues, optimism combined with vitality and self-confidence will give the impetus for pursuits and direct approaches. There will be openings for new acquaintances, the interactions will be creative, they will have the possibility to be used either on a professional level or on an emotional level.



Aries, the day fills you with tension, creating a particular disturbance and spoiling your psychology. It is important to take advantage of the day to be active and take initiatives that will help you release your energy and not put you in control games and conflicts.

Professional - financial

Conflicts in your professional life are intense and they are the ones that can ultimately create transformative changes in your career. Be careful not to be led into manipulative games that can cause conflict situations because the atmosphere can easily become explosive and the consequences can be extremely unpleasant.


The emotional charge is great and can affect your relationship. Romance can prevail as long as you show will and leave behind what bothers you. The unrelated potential obligations that you may have significantly affect your psychology and leave no room for flirting.


Taurus, you radically change your thoughts regarding your worldview and this directly affects your relationships with your wider family and friends. Your friendly faces can be a way out and help you calm down in the direction you want to take.

Professional - financial

The initiatives that you are called to take in terms of your business can be crowned with success as long as you show the will for effort and teamwork that is needed at this time. Opportunities abroad may arise that open up important avenues for you to radically change your personal course. 


It makes sense to try to show your partner what pleases you and can give you more joy in your relationship. The situation is positive and you can move in the same direction. The unmarried is not excluded to be a person who will function renaissantly for your mentality.


Gemini, the tension is great and the irritation you may feel due to the insecurities that come to the surface does not allow you to think calmly about how to manage the whole situation. You will do well to pay attention to your behavior because it will significantly affect the relationships with your environment.

Professional - financial

Your career choices can be crowned with success as long as you give yourself the opportunity to see the possibilities that open up ahead. Make sure you claim financially what you think is worthwhile because it is possible to achieve your goals and be completely satisfied. Of course stay away from definitive behaviors that will be a hindrance. 

Your personal fears can play a negative role in your personal life as you seem to want to manipulate your partner and direct him when they try. Show composure otherwise prepare for tensions. The unattached can hardly get rid of the nervousness and he leads away from everyone and everything. 


Cancer, the day significantly affects your mood as it seems that it is not easy for you to manage competitive attitudes and fights from others. Keep your optimism as it will be what will get you out of the tension and balance your psychology.

Professional - financial

The competitive behaviors of others can trouble you as they seem to want to impose their own desires and I want to. It is important to be able to manage any tensions with insight and a positive attitude as only then will you be able to find the right solutions without intense controversy.

Create the right outlets for you and your partner to avoid potential problems that may be encountered. Otherwise the conflicts will be intense and it will not be easy to balance. The unattached can get in touch with a new person who will play a renaissance role in your personal life.


Leo, everyday life can charge you on a psychological level and create stress that it is good to manage calmly. Deal with routine issues that you can solve as it is what can calm your soul at the moment and get you out of obsessions that you can not seem to escape.

Professional - financial

The chores you have undertaken at work are many and they are the ones that can eventually spoil your fun. Make sure you find the strength to respond to what you need to do as it is better to release your stress at work than in the workplace environment. This will be something that will significantly affect fellowship. 


Intense passion can provide a way out of your relationship and leave criticism and stress on the sidelines that cause problems. Make the best choice for you and your partner. The unattached seem to be unable to cope with the fatigue of everyday life which forces you to close yourself.


Virgo, intense creativity is what characterizes you at this time and you find the dynamism to claim the attention that you think you deserve. Communication and extroversion help you achieve what you want as long as you do not get into a conflict process and do not try to impose your point of view.

Professional - financial

It is a fact that your collaborations can go through a highly creative period as long as you are active in the best possible way and do not allow yourself to become controlling and authoritarian. Make sure you focus decisively on professional goals as you are sure to achieve them.

The strong feelings you feel for your partner are easy to express immediately and this is something that takes your relationship to the next level. Romance and passion harmonize and give the best possible result. The unattached feel that you can gain the interest of the person who attracts you and you do everything in this direction.


Libra, the day intensifies your worries and moodiness and leads to highly confrontational situations that can send you out of control. Be sure to keep your cool as issues from the past come back and you are asked to manage them without getting into heated confrontations. 

Professional - financial

It is important to be able to respond in the best possible way to what you have undertaken in your work as it seems that this is what helps you at this time to escape from the nervousness that occupies you. Your activity will help you balance and achieve goals by solving problems.


The strong emotions you feel are not easy to express to your partner calmly and this can lead to friction that will have unpleasant consequences. It is best to keep a low profile. The unattached person suffers from intense mood swings and mood swings that lead you to introversion.


Scorpio, you feel more creative than ever and this becomes evident in whatever environment you are in. It will help you significantly in finding goals at all levels and having a good time with your friends or the person next to you. After all, these days this is what matters.

Professional - financial

The desire to be active in trade and communications can lead to renaissance changes in your professional life. It is important to take advantage of possible new acquaintances that are coming to boost your career and create a profitability framework that will satisfy you greatly.

The strong positive mood you have and the good communication with your partner will help to restore possible issues that can be addressed by giving another dimension to your relationship. Unbound passion takes off and the mood for flirting is intense, new faces come into your life to conquer you.


Sagittarius, the intense insecurities and phobias you manifest create nervousness and a lack of self-confidence that manifests itself as stubbornness. This will cause tension with those around you if you don't manage it. Pay particular attention to family relationships as they are mainly affected.

Professional - financial

The conditions are created to claim the best possible financially in the professional field, something that will help you to breathe and to press firmly on your feet. Possible suggestions for a family business, your own work can develop very positively, so think carefully about your moves. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to have conversations with your partner that will create conditions of security and stability in your relationship. The unattached don't allow moody and repressed attitudes to lead you to isolate yourself and close yourself off.


Capricorn, the day can push you to show strongly aggressive and argumentative behaviors that are sure not to help communication with those around you. You will not hesitate to clash head-on with anyone who does not respect your wishes, which will cause significant problems.

Professional - financial

Your collaborations play a catalytic role for you, only you will not hesitate to come into direct confrontation with partners who do not move the way you want. Its trade and communications are of interest and it is certain that you can expand to specific areas thus avoiding head-on collisions with people you meet professionally.

Take care to avoid egocentrism and the need to control your partner because in the end it is what will lead to significant confrontations and an explosive atmosphere in your personal life. The unattached seems to be able to feel who is the person who suits you and who is the one who ultimately can not meet your requirements.


Aquarius, the past can bother you today as it seems to come to the surface with momentum and it is not easy to manage it calmly. Issues of self-confidence come to the surface but it is certain that you can balance as long as you show the will to achieve them.

Professional - financial

Predispositions from the past are coming and can create intense moodiness and frustration as it seems that some things have remained unresolved. Take the initiative to claim what you think corresponds to the services you offer as you seem to have at your side the important favor to be able to achieve the financial goal you want.

Tenderness and sensuality create the best possible environment for you and your partner, provided you can put aside that you are repulsed by past situations. The unattached are called to face the challenge of a new relationship that gives you unprecedented feelings.


Pisces, optimism is something that can play an important role in your life today as you seem to have the opportunity to overcome obstacles by thinking positively. If you are trapped in the sentimentality and in the mood to impose yourself on those around you, it is certain that you will lose the goal and eventually the measure.

Professional - financial

Take the necessary initiatives and show the determination required as you are given the opportunity to get very close to your professional goals. Friendly people can play a leading role as they seem to help you in your personal endeavors and believe in your instinct.


Egocentrism will not help you to overcome issues you may have with your partner. See the positive side of things and plan with him situations that express you together. The unmarried is not excluded to show their interest in new people for you, of course make sure you are involved in subjective moods that will bother you severely.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from